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How is the TOEIC course structured?

The TOEIC test is structured in two separate parts (the listening & reading test and the speaking & writing test). Students can select whether to complete both sections or just one.

Listening & Reading Test

Within the listening test, students will be required to answer questions based on a previous listening piece, which will consist of a series of photographs, short talks, conversations and simple questions. Throughout the reading test, students will be required to read several materials and then will work on the following tasks:

  • Complete sentences
  • Recognize errors
  • Answer comprehension questions

If a student wishes to complete the two sections as explained above, they can complete the following speaking and writing test.

Speaking Test Format

This test lasts 20 minutes during which different tasks are evaluated:

  • Reading a text aloud
  • Describing a picture
  • Answering questions
  • Providing the student with information about which they will have to answer questions
  • Expressing an opinion on a given topic

Writing Test Format

This test lasts 60 minutes during which the student has to:

  • Write a sentence based on a picture
  • Respond to a written request
  • Write an opinion essay

To find out further information about the TOEIC course, please view our English for You courses section.