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Business English Courses for Your Company

As well as our Business English course being specifically tailored towards the professional environment we also have additional resources that your staff can make the most of. These resources are provided in order to allow your staff a chance to tackle business-style language and situations, better equipping them for the business world. Not only will these resources promote practical skills and knowledge, they will also contribute to your employees’ confidence in speaking English. These resources include Market Leader, ForToday and free access to from the Financial Times.

In-Company Learning

In-Company Learning

Learning occurs around your company schedule allowing you to fit the training into your daily operations. Lessons can be completed online at any time and our highly qualified teachers travel to your business for classes. Ideal for businesses who need their employees in the office.

In-Center Learning

In-Center Learning

A complete immersion experience in convenient center locations. Highly flexible with employees able to take lessons in-center or online and with in-center classes scheduled around busy lifestyles. Ideal for companies who want an immersive experience for their employees.

Individual Learner

Individual Learner

Personal instruction for busy executives by our highly qualified, native-level English teachers. This is a highly personalized learning solution to meeting individual needs while allowing important employees to effectively fulfil their business commitments.

Test Your English Level

Find out your level with our quick business English test for you or your employees and Say Yes to professional success with English.

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Market Leader by Wall Street English

Market Leader is one of the world’s most popular business language programs and is aligned to the globally recognized Common European Framework of Languages (CEFR). We offer corporations 8 levels of instructor-led, blended learning courses from this program. These will train your employees to globally accepted standards using relevant materials such as the Financial Times to cover topics relevant to the business world.

Topics include:

  • Buying and selling
  • Managing people
  • Ethics
  • Mergers and acquisitions


  • Telephone skills
  • Interview skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiations
  • Many more business related activities

Each of the 8 levels of the instructor-led courses consist of thirty 90-minute classes in your company held once or twice a week depending on your needs. To ensure that your employees receive the best learning experience the classes follow a clear syllabus and include:

  • Reading texts from the Financial Times and other authentic sources
  • Interviews with industry leaders reflecting the global nature of business
  • Essential business communication skills and focus on cultural awareness
  • Extensive conversation practice

Improve your English with real world news

We have an exclusive additional suite of learning tools for your employees studying at Wall Street English, called ForToday.

ForToday is based on engaging, real-world news articles specially adapted for English learning employees from the Financial Times; the global leader in Business News, Commentary, and Analysis.

This extra content includes engaging online exercises, in-center social classes, and FREE access to the Financial Times online. It is an interesting and effective way for your employees to learn from real business examples.

Free Access to Business News

Alongside the ForToday suite of learning tools, we make sure that all corporate learners enjoy free access to the Financial Times website, This is useful for your employees continued learning of both the English language and improved business knowledge. The unlimited access to, as part of the ForToday toolkit, can be used on a daily basis for improving English skills and immeasurably compliments our English course.

We have successfully taught over 3 million students the English language

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