What is the best way for my child to learn English?

22 Apr 2019

Helping your child learn English is an important gift that will have a massive impact on his/her future. But in order to do that, you need to find the most effective method. What is the best way for your child to learn English? Read on to find out.

For young people today, learning English is essential. Not only does it prepare them for the world of work, where everyone is now expected to have a high level of English, but it also gives them a greater range of opportunities at university. Moreover, English is the language of technology and the internet, and future generations can’t be unprepared for that.

In order for your child to learn English successfully, the course needs to be fun, practical, and flexible, so that it can fit into the school schedule. Furthermore, you want to find a school with experience and a proven method.


Having fun while learning is essential for all learners but even more so for young people. At Wall Street English we use a blended method which is based on an entertaining video story, a variety of interactive exercises, and small classes based on speaking activities. At every point, the student receives feedback about their progress, and our expert teachers and personal tutors offer close guidance and support from start to finish. When your child has extra time, they can take part in extra complementary classes and join in fun social club activities in and out of the school. Your child can learn while having fun!

Learn practical English

Old-fashioned schools and courses tend to make the mistake of making children memorize lots of grammar rules and long lists of vocabulary. Not only is that boring but it’s not practical either. Your child needs to learn modern, practical, spoken English, so that they are ready to use it in the real world. We also prepare our students to understand English spoken by people from all over the world with different accents, which reflects the reality of the modern workplace where there are usually more non-native speakers using English than native speakers.

Speaking and listening

If you think about your typical day, what are the two main forms of communication you use? That’s right – listening and speaking. This is why at Wall Street English, all lessons are based principally on these skills. Students listen, learn, then speak. It’s how all children naturally learn their own language and most other skills, and it’s the best way to study English. After spending most of every lesson on these two fundamental skills, our students practice reading and writing too, which comes easily once they’ve learnt the language through natural production.


Your child probably has quite a busy schedule considering studying, college, and hobbies. Plus, you as a parent undoubtedly have a busy life. So fitting in English lessons can be tricky. At Wall Street English, we have the solution for this. Your child can study anytime anywhere, thanks to our online course being available on any device. And lessons with teachers can be planned on any time and day of the week, and can follow a rhythm that suits your child’s needs. For example, when your child has a busy period at school, they can spend less time studying English, without missing any lessons. During quieter periods on the other hand, they can study English every day!


If your child wants to go to university abroad, they probably need to present an internationally recognized certificate to demonstrate the level required. At Wall Street English we offer exam preparation courses for IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, and BULATS. Our course is also aligned with the CEFR, the European framework of Reference for Languages, so every student knows exactly what their level is in relation to their professional or academic needs. We also give all students who complete their course a Wall Street English certificate, stating the level they reached.


As a parent, I’m sure you want to find a language school that can provide the best possible teaching for your child. Wall Street English was founded in 1972 and has taught over 3 million people English. Today we have over 400 centers in 27 countries worldwide. This wealth of experience enables us to give you a guarantee – our method works. And we keep working to make our course work even better through investing in continuous research and development.

The best way for your child to learn English is to do a fun and practical course that works, and Wall Street English can offer exactly that. Visit your nearest Wall Street English center to find out more information.