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Our Locations

We deliver quality English language education all around the world

Select countries on our map to find out more about our English schools.

Our learning centers offer warm, inviting places for students to study and learn. You can find them in convenient areas with access to public transportation. Our centers are active places full of energy where you can meet other students who all have the same goal – to learn English.

 Our centers are operated by local teams who understand the unique needs of the students in each location. Being owned by Pearson, the largest education company in the world, means we can deliver the highest quality curriculum developed by top educational experts in English language learning.

Unique Learning Environment

Our centers offer a complete immersive experience where only English is spoken, giving students the opportunity to practice English in real-life situations in a safe, supportive environment. Students can come to our centers to study, meet with teachers and staff, or to just hang out with your friends. What started from an idea of developing a new way to teach English has grown to over 400 learning centers that span 27 countries with a total enrolment of more than 180,000 students. Wall Street English is a local company and a global company. Our community is in our centers and in our global online world. Only with Wall Street English can you get the best of both.

News About our Centers

09/05/2017 By Wall Street English

It’s now easier for English learners, potential teachers, employees and investors to realize their dreams with our new and ...

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24/10/2016 By Wall Street English

Wall Street English is pleased to announce the opening of five new Wall Street English learning centers in September, bringin...

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07/10/2016 By Wall Street English

In celebration of World Teacher Day, Pearson is introducing a new Global Innovative Teacher Award to recognize and celebrate ...

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