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English For Your Business

What can Wall Street English do for your company?

Global business relies on the English language especially in the areas of international trade and diplomacy. To grow your business and compete on a global scale, it is essential to have a workforce who can understand and speak English to a good level.

Wall Street English has been teaching English for over 45 years and in that time we have developed an English course that includes detailed support for business English. This course is business language orientated giving your employees the practical skills to transact business in English and the confidence to do it well!

  • Negotiations
  • Meetings and conference calls
  • Conversations with clients and colleagues
  • Presentations
  • Emails and correspondence

83% of business leaders believe there’s need for a global standard of English proficiency


Source: LinkedIn

What are the benefits for your business?

We offer a full English course that teaches you how to communicate properly. The course includes specialized parts and offers for businesses that want their employees to learn English. Our solutions are flexible so that they can work around your business and your employees’ busy schedules. Additionally, we know how important Return on Investment (ROI) is to businesses, which is why we offer regular progress reports so that your business can keep on top of employee progress.

Our specialized English Language programs work for businesses.


In Company Learning

In Company Learning

Learning occurs around your company schedule allowing you to fit the training into your daily operations.

In-Centre Learning

In-Centre Learning

A complete immersion experience in convenient center locations. Highly flexible with employees able to take lessons in-center or online.

Individual Learning

Individual Learning

Personal instruction for busy executives by our highly qualified, Native level English teachers.

What are the benefits to your employees?

We assess each employee to determine their starting level offering personalized solutions. Offering over twenty levels of English from beginner to advanced we find the right course for the right employee. With business related course content and resources to take advantage of, it’s an all-encompassing experience.

Wall Street English Study Cycle

How does Wall Street English work for businesses?

As a business owner or HR manager, you want to be reassured that you are making the best choice for your business.

Know that we have over 45 years of experience teaching English and have successfully taught over 3 million students. We are passionate about teaching English and we help our students and businesses succeed. You can track ROI throughout your employees learning journey and be assured that we are business English focused with our ‘Market Leader’ business instructor-led courses, free access to the Financial Times’ website (where applicable), and the ForToday suite of learning tools based on Financial Times articles.

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