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Why Should I Learn English at Wall Street English?

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Are you trying to decide how and where to study English? It’s certainly an important choice to make because you are investing your time and money. So why is Wall Street English the best choice for you? Here are some common doubts people have about learning English and how Wall Street English can offer the best solution.


Question: I’m very busy and can’t study at fixed times every week. What can I do?

Answer: Wall Street English is ideal for people with a busy schedule. Our course is based on a series of interactive lessons that you can follow from our app or website whenever and wherever you want. And when you’re ready for your teacher-led lessons you can book them on a day and time that suits you. And if you miss that lesson, no problem – we can simply reschedule it.


Question: In my experience, studying English was boring because we did a lot of grammar and written exercises.

Answer: Learning English at Wall Street English is fun! Our interactive lessons are based on an entertaining Sitcom style video story followed by speaking activities and quizzes. And when you’re ready for your teacher-led lesson you’ll spend it doing speaking activities, such as discussions and role-plays. Moreover, every Wall Street English center has a variety of social activities open to all our students every month, which can include parties, outings and cinema nights. This gives you the chance to meet and practice your English with a lot of different people from varying backgrounds.


Question: I need to learn how to speak and understand people, not read and write.

Answer: Today, almost everyone is in this situation – you can probably understand a lot when you read English, and can write a simple email. But when you speak with an international colleague on the phone, or are travelling abroad and need to reserve a room in a hotel, you’re in difficulty. This is why all of our lessons at Wall Street English focus on these two essential skills – listening and speaking. From the very first lesson of our course for complete beginners, up to the last lesson for advanced speakers, you listen and speak almost all the time. You will also concentrate on learning modern, practical English, both in social and business situations.


Question: I need to learn English quickly.

Answer: A great advantage of studying at Wall Street English is that we can adapt your study rhythm to your needs. Whether you want to do one level a month or one level over four months, it’s up to you. The course is very flexible, which is why it appeals to so many people. We also have a follow-up system to help you reach whatever objective you have, making sure you stay on track. For example, if you are behind we can create a special study plan to catch up.


Question: I’m worried I’ll find the course too difficult.

Answer: Everyone learns things at different speeds. That’s why it can be difficult to study English in a big group of students who have varying levels and strengths. At Wall Street English, every student follows their own rhythm. If you find something difficult, you can slow down and take extra time to learn it. On the other hand, when you find something easy you can move on quickly. If you need to do the same lesson with a teacher two or three times, it’s no problem and you won’t lose anything. Plus, as we have twenty levels you can start off in the very best way by finding precisely the right departure point.


Question: I have to get an English certificate for university.

Answer: We offer preparation courses for all of the most well-known internationally recognized English certificates – Bulats, Ielts, Toefl, and Toeic. And our course is closely aligned with the CEFR – Common European Framework Reference for Languages – which indicates the six levels that companies and academic institutions now refer to, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.


Question: I’m worried I won’t have a good teacher.

Answer: Wall Street English centers choose their teachers very carefully. Our teachers are highly qualified and are native level English speakers. Our method enables students and teachers to never need to translate. For this reason, all our centers, present in 28 territories around the world, use the same course and the same teaching materials. Another benefit of our course is that instead of having one fixed teacher, you can learn with several teachers, usually coming from different English-speaking countries, which helps you become familiar with various accents.


As you can see, Wall Street English has the answers to a lot doubts people have about English courses. Take our English test to see where you need to start! 


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  • Marianna 29.09.18

    Do you have online classes via skype?

    • Mary Milne 03.10.18

      Hi Marianna,
      We do have online classes in some centers. I recommend you contact your nearest WSE Center and they can give you information about that.
      All the best,
      The WSE Team

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