How much does it cost to learn English

How much does it cost to learn English?

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For many people today, investing time and money in learning English is a must. And there are several options now available, from using free apps to attending a course at a traditional school to following a modern blended learning method. But which method is really good value for money? Read on to find out more about what options you have and which ones are really worth considering.

Think long term

Learning a language like English requires quite a long term investment of your time. And it’s essential that you give yourself a clear objective when you start studying. For example, saying “I’m going to learn English” is vague. What’s your level now, and what level do you want and need to reach? You need to know where you are and where you want to be in order to give yourself a realistic target. It’ll help you enormously in how you study because you’ll have an obtainable goal and be motivated to continue.


At Wall Street English you buy an objective, not just a series of lessons. We assess your needs and current level and together decide what final level to aim for. If you miss a lesson with a teacher, you can fix it again. If you need more time to learn a particular language structure, you can repeat and review lessons without losing anything.


Can I learn English for free?

Nowadays there are a number of free apps and websites available that promise to teach you English. Some of them can certainly seem fun to start with, but they quickly become very limiting. For example,

  • What do you do when you don’t understand something?
  • How can you really know if you’re able to apply the new language in real life?
  • How can you keep yourself motivated to use the app?
  • What structure is it based on?
  • How can you demonstrate to a future employer what level of English you’ve reached?


Interactive quizzes are definitely fun and useful but they need to be part of a blended method which includes a range of exercises, above all listening and speaking.


At Wall Street English, you do a lot of fun exercises online as well as communicative activities in a small class with a teacher and other students. Learning with the support of a school that provides a structured course and program with experienced teachers is priceless.


What’s the most expensive option?


The most expensive (and impractical) way to learn English is to live in an English speaking country for a period of time. It certainly has the benefit of giving you the chance to practice 24/7, but it also means you have to leave your job/studies and family for a considerable period of time and support yourself financially as well.


Another fairly expensive option is having private, individual lessons. As a temporary measure this method can be useful, but it requires spending a lot of money long term, and in most cases your teacher won’t have the kind of structured program that a school offers. You’re also limited to lessons on a fixed day and time. Moreover, you miss out on the experience of learning alongside other students, which allows you not only to help each other and compare your progress to theirs, but also to have fun!


Invest in flexibility


One of the hardest things for all of us nowadays is finding the time to fit in extra activities, like learning English. If you spend money on a course you need to have the option to study when it suits you and fits into your schedule. At Wall Street English we offer a similar level of flexibility to a gym. You have the possibility to study whenever you want, and how frequently you want, for the duration of your course.


Invest in support and experience


Studying English alone is tough and not something you can easily do alone. At Wall Street English we have over 40 years of experience and a proven method and system. We guide you throughout your course, helping you find the right rhythm, and supporting you whenever you need extra help.

Wall Street English also gives you the chance to do an exam preparation course to obtain an international certificate which you might need for professional or academic purposes.


Learning English successfully has a cost and without a doubt requires an investment. Trying to do it for free won’t get you very far. Instead by spending a reasonable amount with a long-term plan in mind, you will get a guaranteed result.

Visit your nearest Wall Street English center and speak to one of our language consultants to plan the course that’s right for you.


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    I want to speak in English and I want to learn how to speak in English, I will teach me many dreams of many days I will speak in English

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      Hi, that’s great! Have a look at Our Locations page ( to find out whether there is a Wall Street English school near you and you will be able to go to visit them and talk about how they can help you with your English. Good luck!

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      I am from Libya preparing my self for learning English as I know you have branch in Malizia.
      So my enquirers for the following.
      1- How much dose it cost for six months.
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      3- What about accommodation
      4- Is available English teachers in your

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    I want to speak in English and I want to learn how to speak in English, I will teach me many dreams of many days I will speak in English

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