Wall Street English Partners with Zoom on Digital Classroom

19 Apr 2023

Wall Street English now offers the best online and in-person learning experience to adults, teenagers and corporate clients all around the world. However, we’d been offering classes for remote students in some countries around the world for some time, even before the global Covid-19 pandemic and there were some important improvements that could be made to the learning experience.

This is why we partnered with the world-leading video conferencing brand, Zoom to upgrade our digital video classroom experience. Read on to find out more about how working with Zoom has significantly enhanced the online student experience at Wall Street English.

A proven method with guaranteed results – now completely online

Wall Street English specializes solely in teaching the English language and we provide our students with a guaranteed way to improve their English and therefore further their careers. Over the last 50 years, more than 3 million people have chosen to study at Wall Street English.

Since our inception in 1972, Wall Street English has gone through ongoing innovation and product development cycles to provide the best learning experience for our students around the world. We put students’ convenience and enjoyment first, especially in the modern online world and have expanded learning experiences to remote or hybrid even more over recent years.

An enhanced online learning experience

Our English course has always been developed around our own methodology which includes a blended learning approach, which is a mix of self-study and then time with teachers. Since the start we’ve focused on integrating the latest technology in the study plan. Our use of technology has always been targeted as using it to really improve ‘efficacy’ or deliver better results for our learners.

For many years Wall Street English students have been able to study the majority of their course online from the comfort of their own home or their workplaces. However, several years ago we also started developing a full digital classroom experience so that students could enjoy our full premium learning experience completely online including the classes with our highly qualified teachers.

Learn English in our digital classroom

The Wall Street English digital classroom was developed to offer students the best online learning experience. The aim was to make it as good if not better than the in-person learning experience our students enjoyed in our schools! We took all our experience from our physical schools and applied it to the online environment. But there were still some problems.

Students in regions with poor bandwidth and low connectivity had challenges connecting to some of the video classes. At Wall Street English we wanted to make sure that all our students were able to enjoy the same type of accessible and efficacious learning experience as an in-person lesson.

By partnering with Zoom and using their Video SDK, Wall Street English have built an upgraded video-based classroom that is powered by Zoom’s core video and audio technology. Our students are now able to benefit from a consistent learning experience online or in the center, with all the additional benefits of digital access, such as anytime accessibility and classes with students from countries all around the world.

Read more about the Wall Street English partnership with Zoom: explore.zoom.us/en/customer_stories/wall-street-english

Bringing the classroom experience to you

Through Zoom’s Video SDK, Wall Street English was able to create a seamless and efficient digital classroom environment, where students from around the world can interact and relate with each other as well as the teachers like never before.  

“Now we're able to provide... better-quality digital classroom experiences, using Zoom’s core technology to deliver high-performing, scalable video and audio.”

David Kedwards, Wall Street English Executive Chairman

“Technical issues, like those due to bandwidth and connectivity issues, disappeared.”

Pratap C. Rajan, MD Enterprise Development

Zoom’s Video SDK brought an upgraded, elevated classroom experience to these students and created an efficient way for Wall Street English to improve its offerings.

Boost your business with Corporate English training solutions

Thanks to the partnership with Zoom and an ongoing dedication to using the best technology to power our custom-built English learning platform, we’re able to offer the best corporate English training solutions to businesses around the world whether you’re a global organization, a small, medium-sized enterprise or even an entrepreneur.

With Wall Street English you’ll get flexible online and in-person classes, detailed progress tracking for your employees and demonstrable, measurable results that guarantee the best return on your investment.

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