A Virtual Tour of a Wall Street English Center

24 Sept 2018

The structure and atmosphere in which you study is an essential ingredient in helping you study well. Why? Because if you feel comfortable and at ease in your surroundings you’ll feel more relaxed and open to learning, which means you’ll be more likely to succeed. What makes Wall Street English centers special and the ideal place to improve your English? Read on to find out.


Every Wall Street English Center is located in a convenient place that suits students whether you arrive by public transport or by car. They are generally near the center of the city but in a zone that’s easy to reach.

Light and Open

The exterior of the center has floor to ceiling glass. This not only means that the interior is full of light but it also gives a feeling of openness to whoever passes by and for those inside. Once you go in, you find a big open space with every room created by glass wall divisions that don’t reach the ceiling.


When you enter the center you find a reception area with comfortable chairs to sit and relax in while you have a chat with other students or a member of staff. There’s also a television either showing a film, TV series, or the news in English.

Social Club

Near the reception area is the Social Club, which has a layout similar to a café, with tables and chairs and a television. The social club is an area where you can hang out, chat, and study, along with a hot or cold drink. The social club is also the area in which there are daily conversation lessons, special events and parties.

Language Consultants

Moving on you can meet the language consultants who are the experts in advising students in choosing the best course for their needs and guiding them from start to finish.

Service Manager and Center Director

Following on you can see the offices of the Service Manager and Center Director. The Service Manager is responsible for the didactic staff and tbe service students receive, while the Center Director manages all the business aspects of the center as well as the well-being of both the students and staff.

Encounter Classrooms

Classrooms at Wall Street English are open and spacious. They are intentionally not too large and have a tidy, minimalist feel. Lessons are usually with only two or three students and as the lessons are based on speaking, and students don’t need to bring heavy textbooks with pens and paper. Being open and visible to the rest of the school helps students to develop confidence in speaking while being heard.

Speaking Center

This is a big area with about 20 computers available for students to do their multimedia lessons. Again, the open feel helps you learn to feel comfortable speaking in English surrounded by others. Near the entrance you can find a Personal Tutor who is always available to help and advise you when necessary.

Wall Street English centers are welcoming and inspiring places and are ideal for studying English. Find your nearest center on the Our Locations page and see for yourself!