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An ever-growing number of people today around the world are realizing that they need and want to learn English. But almost everyone is unsure they have enough time to do it. Recent research, however, has proven that we all have more than enough time to study and do much much more! Are you ready to say yes to maximising your time?


In January 2019, Sapio Research conducted a survey for Wall Street English in eight countries around the world, interviewing 8,080 people about the amount of free time they have and how they use it.


The results revealed that, though people clearly work very hard, on average they still have four hours free on workdays. Moreover, they have eight hours free on their day off. In total, most people have 38 hours of free time a week.


How do people spend their free time?


So what do people usually do with all this free time? Two thirds of the people interviewed said they believe they waste most of their free time. The top four reasons people gave were:


  • hanging out with people they don’t like (44%)
  • playing video and mobile phone games (42%)
  • watching TV (42%)
  • using the phone (40%)


Nine out of ten people interviewed felt they could make better use of their free time. 


When asked how they would like to make better use of their free time, three quarters of the people interviewed said they would like to use their free time to learn something new, and 57% of these people want to specifically learn English.


How can you maximize your free time to learn English?


As the survey shows, we all clearly have enough free time to learn and study, but we don’t always know a method that can adapt to our busy lives.


At Wall Street English you can learn English wherever you are, whenever you have free time. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who would like to make better use of a free moment.


How does it work? All you need is a device – computer, tablet or phone – and you can access your course, book lessons at any center and do fun quizzes to practice. You can take part in classes on a day and time of your choice, changing week to week as it suits you. When you have extra time available you can intensify your studying, then likewise when you’re busier than usual, you can slow down and catch up the following month.


Making free time fun!


You might have the misconception that using your free time to learn English would mean sacrificing time for fun, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Students who learn at Wall Street English meet new people in every class, watch entertaining ‘Hollywood style’ video stories, play games, go to parties and much more. 


The fact that you have fun learning is obviously a powerful motivator in helping you study again and frequently.


Made to measure

Whether you work, study or look after your family, everyone has different needs and objectives regarding English. While some may have to study intensively to prepare for a university exam, others have to improve in order to get a job promotion, and others need to prepare for a dream holiday abroad in future years. Whatever your needs are, your English course will be fully personalized and adapted to you.


Could you use your time more wisely? Would you like to say yes to maximising your free time to learn English? If so, start now by finding out what kind of course will work best for you.



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  • Bakri 14.10.19

    I just want to improve my english speaking

    • Mary Milne 15.10.19

      Hi Bakri,
      I understand what you mean. I think the most effective way to improve your speaking is through a structured English course because it gives you the chance to practice what you know and widen your vocabulary and grammar skills at the same time. Are you doing a course at the moment?
      All the best,
      The WSE Team

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