Now is the Time to Learn English Online

18 May 2020

We all know that learning online is convenient – no parking problems or long journeys on busy trains! But maybe you don’t like the idea of learning on your own, with just a computer. You want contact with teachers and other students; you want the help and support that you can get in a good school. You need to know that teachers are watching your progress; you need to know that someone cares and wants to help you if you have problems.

So can you get all of that in online teaching? You may think the answer is ‘no’. But in fact you can now get everything in online English lessons that you can get in a school, including all the personal support and contact.

How is that possible? Where can I find it? How does it work? Read on to find out.

What you need for successful English learning

As well as good learning materials (books, multimedia etc.), experts on English learning all agree that you need:

  • To hear a lot of English spoken
  • To speak a lot of English yourself
  • A lot of interaction in English with other people
  • Feedback on your progress (how you’re doing) from language learning experts
  • Trained, qualified and helpful teachers

Wall Street English already offers all of this, plus the ability to start your course when you like and study when you like. And you can be sure of our quality: our lessons are validated and aligned to global standards, and we have been teaching English for almost 50 years. So we know our job!

Now – taking everything online

Online lessons are not new in Wall Street English. We have been teaching online for years: not only with digital multimedia but also actual lessons with teachers. So we have a lot of experience with online teaching too, and we have had time to learn how to do it really well.

Still, most of our students have preferred to study some of the time in our centers. They’re friendly, lively places which offer lots of chances to speak and hear English, and lots of personal help and support. But of course, at the present moment it isn’t possible for anyone to come to our centers, so what have we done? We’ve brought our centers to you, by unlocking lots of extra features to our online courses.

We can now give you the same experience, with the same support, help and human contact, as in a Wall Street English center.

Here’s what you’ll get from the new Wall Street English “100% Online” courses:

  • Unlimited access to Interactive Activities & Digital Workbooks that you can use whenever you like, 24/7.
  • Small group lessons in ‘virtual classrooms’ with our trained and qualified teachers.
  • Lots of chances to interact in English with teachers and other students.
  • Follow-up calls on the phone from expert staff to see how you’re doing and if you have any questions.
  • Online advice sessions whenever you need them.

So you’ll never be alone – except when you want to be! Other people’s friendly faces, help and support will be just a mouse click away.

The coronavirus crisis has made a big difference to our lives. We’re having to live different, work differently, and do a lot of things differently. And some things we have had to stop doing altogether.

But learning English isn’t one of those things. You don’t have to wait till September, or next January, to start studying English. Right now you can learn English online with all the benefits you can get at a Wall Street English center. You will have just the same support and just the same success, without having to leave your own home… we guarantee it!

Find out more about our Online English Course now.