How To Learn English Grammar Easily

05 Jul 2017

Are you planning to start studying English and think you need to study lots of grammar rules to be able to communicate? Read on and you’ll realize there are ways to become fluent in a language without making grammar a priority. Here are some tips on how to learn English grammar easily.

What is grammar?

Grammar is a set of rules that explain the structure of a language. It is, of course, an essential part of any language, but you certainly don’t need to be an expert in grammar rules in order to speak. For example, you can use a car every day without knowing the mechanics of how it functions.

The grammar of your native language.

Think for a minute about how you learned your own language. For the first months of your life, you were exposed to your language – you listened – and you started to recognize and use the sounds that you heard. Then, you were able to put those sounds together to form words. By the age of two, most children can put two or three words together and by the age of 4, they can make quite complex sentences. At this age you can speak, using grammar without ever studying it. You make lots of mistakes, then you correct yourself. You keep repeating words and sentences until you become accurate.

When should you study grammar?

Again, to make a parallel with how children learn their own language, we can say that they reflect on the language they already understand and speak when they go to school. So we should study grammar to consolidate and strengthen our understanding. Many schools teach differently, they teach you the rules before you can speak, in reality, it is much more natural to do the opposite.

How you can learn grammar easily with Wall Street English

Understanding these early stages in language learning can help adults understand how to learn a second language. The Wall Street English method follows the same principles:

  • An environment where English is spoken from the start
  • Listening is the basis of all lessons because it is the first skill to develop at every level.
  • After you listen you speak. Just like children, you make mistakes but you correct yourself.
  • At this point you read the new language and learn to use it in writing too.
  • Practice. Once you’ve acquired the language in this natural way you practice so the new words and phrases become automatic.
  • Just as children do, after having learnt and practiced you reflect on the language you can now use by doing some exercises.

Grammar is undoubtedly a part of language learning but it should not be the central element and certainly doesn’t need to be hard. Study at Wall Street English and learn grammar the easy way!