Wall Street English is Now 100% Online

06 Apr 2020

At Wall Street English we’ve been teaching English for the last 48 years, so we’ve developed a proven method that has taught over 3 million students in 28 countries. 

We’re happy to announce that our whole learning experience is now available 100% online! Read on to find out more.  

In these difficult times where the Coronavirus epidemic is causing significant harm to thousands of people, our priority is the health and safety of our students, staff and communities in which we operate.

We also want to make sure that English learners can continue to study and make the most of their time. To that end, we have now successfully made our English learning experience available 100% online to over 100,000 students world-wide!

100% English, 100% Online

Wall Street English’s online learning program provides you with a personalized study plan adapted to your level of English. You have the freedom to learn anytime and where you want using your mobile, tablet or desktop computer.

Unlike traditional English schools or online practice applications, Wall Street English provides a unique blend of online teaching and guided self-study using entertaining learning content. You can learn in regular online classes of no more than 3 other students to practice what you have learned, and also join online coaching sessions to ensure you are on track to meet your learning objectives and to get the most out of the program.


Fully Integrated, 100% Online

While you can find many websites and apps that can offer some information and exercises, at Wall Street English we provide a fully integrated mix of self-study and live video classes with qualified teachers, 100% online. Every lesson includes:

  • Entertaining video stories
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Speaking practice
  • Grammar and vocabulary exercises
  • Guidance and practice with a qualified teacher

All of this is available online, including the classes with your teacher.

An ideal method for the internet

Our method of learning English is perfect for online learning. While traditional courses rely on teachers to present you with new language, at Wall Street English you see and study new language first by yourself and then when you feel ready you practice it with your teacher. Being online, whenever you have a free moment during your day, you can study. And when you’ve finished preparing, you can choose any day or time to meet your teacher for the practice class. You can even book this lesson yourself online.

Combining the advantages of a proven learning method, the freedom to learn online at any time, and support from qualified teaching staff, Wall Street English offers its students a guaranteed way to learn English that adapts to their schedule and the challenges of the current public health issue.

Are you interested in learning English online?

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