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English Learning Tips

02 Jul 2021

If you want to learn English then it’s best to follow a well-planned course with support from qualified teachers. This will give you a good base for learning the most important parts of the English language. However, to really make sure that you can use the language and communicate in real-life situations, you really need to practice properly.

Read on to find out more about how you can take your English language skills to the next level with practice exercises.

Do the right exercises for your level

It’s important to do exercises that are appropriate for your level of English, otherwise you will quickly be frustrated or bored. This is why you should follow a structured course like the one Wall Street English offers, so the exercises you do match your needs.

A little but often

It’s better to do a few short exercises frequently than spend hours doing several on one day. This is why Wall Street English created a course and digital workbooks that enable you to study wherever and whenever you want. It’s also easier to remember what you have studied if you do a little but often. It’s all about building up ‘habits’ and good routines.

Practice all the skills

For many students, the phrase ‘English exercises’ means grammar, but that should not be the case. Practicing English should mean principally speaking, listening, as well as some reading and writing. Almost all the main Wall Street English exercises concentrate on speaking and listening in order to prepare students for using English in the real world, and these exercises naturally include grammatical structures and vocabulary.

Make it fun!

English exercises don’t need to be repetitive and boring. Our interactive digital lessons provide several different types of exercise that make studying fun. They also focus on real-life situations and functions instead of reproducing the same verb tense a hundred times.

Real-life practice wherever you are

Now all students at Wall Street English can use the ‘Learn English’ app on their mobile to study their whole course wherever they want. You can even access extra practice activities directly in the app. These extra activities are related to real-world situations and are the perfect complement to the main course lessons.

Our learning platform and now our mobile app also have special classes and exercises based on articles taken from the Financial Times, which allow students to learn and practice language related to a variety of topics related to business and culture.

So do you want to practice your English? As they say, ‘Practice makes perfect’!

Why not find out more about our proven method and discover how you too can get guaranteed results with Wall Street English.

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