How to Learn English with Wall Street English

08 Sept 2020

Are you looking for some tips about how to learn English quickly and easily? At Wall Street English we’ve developed a proven method that guarantees you learn English and make progress towards achieving your goals.

Read on to find out more about how you study and what you do in our full English learning experience.

“25% of English-speakers have watched the show ‘Friends’ to help them learn English.” (Global English Language Report, YouGov)

A Complete English Learning Experience

Our English course is a bit different to the ways that you may have tried to learn English in the past or other ways of learning only online. With our method you can enjoy studying English but most importantly make real progress towards your goals. The method is based on a simple series of steps that you follow to learn the language:

  1. Watch and Learn
  2. Practice, Pronounce and Speak
  3. Personal Feedback from Your Teacher
  4. Motivation from Your Personal Coach
  5. When and Where You Want

As a global company we’ve been able to invest millions into a fully-integrated curriculum that is used in 29 countries around the world. This has also allowed us to create the engaging soap-opera series to teach you English.

Learning Global English

When you watch our TV series you can learn English with 100 fun characters, representing 30 different accents. You can learn English to understand and communicate with people all around the world not just in the USA or UK. The main storyline follows the stories of a group of characters living together in New York. It introduces you to the right language at the right time at the right level and you learn more as the story develops.

Learn Real English with Wall Street English

It’s important to get exposure to authentic language when you’re trying to learn English. The language that we introduce to you in our TV series is authentic ‘real’ language that’s actually useful not like some informal learning apps or vocabulary games. You get to see the language being used and then study and practice how to use it yourself in a practical and effective way.

How to Practice, Pronounce and Speak with Our Interactive English Lessons

Have you tried to learn English in the past but still have problems speaking or getting enough practice?

You can practice perfect pronunciation, improve your English grammar and get instant feedback with our Interactive exercises. After watching and learning with our TV series, you can start having English conversations right from day one in our role-play activities and get feedback on your pronunciation and speaking with automatic speech recognition.

Our advanced learning system gives you a whole series of related interactive lessons and activities on those exact language points. You can access the interactive multimedia lessons 24/7 on any device including mobiles and tablets. We’ve continually invested in a fully-integrated bespoke curriculum with high-quality videos and aligned self-study and virtual class material.

Our full English course covers over 750 functional learning objectives so you can track your progress and know that you’re really learning the grammar and vocabulary that you need to really master English. We teach you the most

important language skills. First you listen, then you speak. This is where it’s different to some of the more traditional methods or maybe how you learnt English at school. One of the benefits of learning this way is that it really improves your English speaking skills.

How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills

Putting the skills you’ve learnt into practice by having English conversations demonstrates that you can really use the language. You get to demonstrate that again in the small classes that you have regularly with our highly-qualified teachers. This is where they can confirm that you’ve learnt the language and answer any questions you may have.

How to Get Feedback from Your English Teacher

Do you want help from a native-level teacher to learn English?

At Wall Street English you get the feedback and correction you need to improve your English in our small group classes called ‘Encounters’. When you are ready and have completed the self-study steps you can book a class with our highly-qualified teachers and a maximum of three other learners at exactly the same level.

Highly-qualified teachers validate and confirm what you’ve learnt. They give you feedback on the English language skills you need to review and improve and the best guidance for achieving your learning goals. Our teachers also make sure that you’re ready to continue on to the next part of the course. This is key to our progress guarantee.

Feedback is not only from teachers though as we also have an award-winning educational platform with regular level tests and ongoing assessment to make sure you are successfully learning and on track to achieve your learning goals.

How To Stay Motivated and Make Progress with Learning English

Unlike completely self-guided learning online or with an informal app, our supportive method is proven to work. You’re not alone if you learn with Wall Street English. We’ll support you every step of the way.

Our Personal Coaches keep you motivated whether you’re studying from home or in our schools. Like a personal trainer in the gym, they are always available and will contact you regularly to keep you on track and make sure you progress based on your agreed learning plan.

You can access up-to-the-minute reports on your learning goals anytime. As you progress along our course you can track your learning on your Personal Dashboard so you and your Coach know exactly how you’re progressing.

How to Learn English Where and When You Want with Our Flexible Learning Experience

Do you want to learn English but don’t have the time? Learning with Wall Street English is not like traditional schools. You don’t have to wait until the start of the next term to join a new course. You can study at your own pace and book your own classes whenever you need.

You get effective learning at your own pace with our proven method. The final element of our learning experience is complete flexibility. After our detailed level test you will start at exactly the right level. Also because you are assessed by a teacher in every unit, everyone in your class is guaranteed to be at the same level as you.

You can also choose where you want to learn: 100% online, in-center or a mix of both. You can be confident that whichever choice you make, we’ll guarantee your learning.

Why Choose to Study with Wall Street English?

We are not a traditional language school or a lightweight learning app. We offer you a fully integrated English learning experience. Our proven method makes sure that you achieve your English goals. We guarantee it. As a global company we’ve been able to invest millions into advanced technology to support your learning. Start when you want, study where you like and our teachers and coaches will motivate you to succeed. 

Are you ready to find out more? Complete the form below and a member of our team will contact you to find out how we can help you improve your English. 

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