How To Kickstart Your Career As A Wall Street English Teacher

23 Jun 2017

Making a start as an English teacher can feel a little daunting. It may be your first teaching experience, and you may have just moved to a different country with all the excitement and difficulties that involves. So why is Wall Street English the best school for you and what opportunities can it offer? Read on to find out!

1. High quality material.

For busy teachers, finding time to locate and prepare lessons is often tough, and many ESL schools give teachers little or no help. Wall Street English material is engaging, up-to-date and very practical, especially for teachers just starting their careers.

2. A proven method.

Wall Street English has been successfully teaching for over 40 years and it has the experience and know-how that enable students of all ages to speak English. Our courses are very carefully structured with clear and realistic objectives for the students, and this is an important benefit for teachers too. As a teacher, your own goal is of course to see students achieve what they set out to, and if the objective is unattainable it’s disappointing for everyone.

3. Passport to the world.

There are Wall Street English centers in 27 countries all over the world – from Europe to Asia to South America and the Middle East. And every Wall Street English center uses the same method and material, which means our teachers can easily move from one Wall Street English center to another.

4. Great atmosphere.

Wall Street English centers are fun and dynamic places to work in. The modern and open-plan design not only helps students become comfortable speaking English, but also creates a warm and friendly environment for the staff. And being a completely English speaking zone, the school provides teachers with a little part of their home country and makes them feel at home.

5. Team spirit.

There tends to be a lot of camaraderie among teams of Wall Street English teachers. They give each other a lot of help and support, and of course form friendships as well. This is probably due to the fact that our students have lessons with all the center teachers, and not just one, so we have a common goal to help the same individuals.

6. The chance to grow.

As well as training and helping teachers develop their skills, Wall Street English provides great opportunities for those who want to move up the career ladder. Teachers are encouraged to stay and develop their skills in order to become Service Managers, or Center Directors, and even Regional and National Managers. The majority of our Service Managers have begun their careers as Teachers or Personal Tutors in centers, and worked their way up, by gaining the right experience, as this is the perfect training ground to gain an in-depth knowledge of the method and courses.

7. A variety of students.

Another big advantage of Wall Street English schools is that there is a wide variety of students – from university students to business people to pensioners. This makes lessons diverse, interesting and challenging but above all, fun!

8. Social activities.

An important part of every Wall Street English center is the monthly calendar of social activities organized and led by teachers. These include evenings out at restaurants, visits to museums and shows, parties and cinema nights, all of which are obviously popular with students as well as with the teachers. These events are not only an opportunity for the students to speak English in a natural context but also a chance to build friendships among themselves and with teachers.

9. Be part of a global company.

Wall Street English is one of the world’s leaders in ESL and teachers feel the benefits of being part of an important international and professional organization.     

Being a Wall Street English teacher is fun and rewarding, and can offer you great opportunities to learn and grow. See what it´s like to be a Teacher at Wall Street English and kickstart your career with us!