Don’t Waste your Free Time - Learn English with Our Unique Method

09 Sept 2019

The free time we have away from work and studies is extremely valuable, offering us the opportunity to relax, have fun and do useful things. But how do we actually use this time, and how could we use it better? Read on to find out.

One of the most common reasons that stops people thinking they can learn English is that they don’t have time. Whether you work, study or manage a family, it’s easy to feel that there are always lots of things to do and very little time.

However, recent research carried out by Sapio Research for Wall Street English has shown that people do have more than enough free time but they frequently use it badly.

The Survey

The survey was conducted in January 2019 and involved asking a series of questions to 8080 adults from eight countries all around the world. The interview was based on how much free time people have, what they do with that time, and how they feel about it.

The Results

The survey showed that on average people have a total of:

38 hours of free time per week!

This is a considerable amount of time if you think about it, but sadly the majority of the people interviewed believed they waste most of this time and felt they could make better use of it. So what do people do with their free time? At an average of over 8 hours per week, the greatest amount of time is spent:

On the phone.

The other top answers were checking social media, playing games, and watching TV/films. 

When asked what they would like to do to make better use of their free time, the most popular answer was:

Learn something new.

And 57% specifically said they would like to learn English.

How long does that take? On average, people say you need:

61 days to become proficient in English. 

That means between eight to nine weeks of studying, and with the right method that is feasible. 

The Solution

If you have about four hours available every day, you only need a small part of that time to learn English. Half an hour a day of studying is already excellent. But you need to follow a method that allows you to fit in moments of learning whenever it suits you.

Our method at Wall Street English does exactly that – it fits into your schedule and adapts to your needs. How does it work? 

  • ANYTIME ANYWHERE – do your interactive lessons at any time of any day wherever you are.
  • BOOK LESSONS WHEN YOU WANT – reserve classes yourself when you have time, arranging them for a day and time of your choice. 
  • LEARN NATURALLY – learn English by speaking and listening and through trial and error, just as you learnt your native language. 
  • HAVE FUN WHILE LEARNING – join small classes and meet different people every time. Practice by playing games, quizzes and attending special events organized by your center. 
  • SET YOUR OWN PACE – personalise your course for the rhythm that suits you, and receive support and guidance from start to finish. 

Our free time is precious and how we use it can transform our lives. Don’t waste any more of it. Start making the most of it now by doing an English test to find out what your current level is and what level you can reach.