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English For You

Why learn with Wall Street English?


We put our students at the heart of everything we do. We create a learning experience that is supportive, flexible, effective, and entertaining to keep you motivated to achieve your goals. With over 45 years experience and aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR), Wall Street English is an award-winning network of language centers.

We can open up a world of opportunity for you, whether you wish to travel, study or work in English. Dream big with Wall Street English!

Wall Street English has successfully taught over 3 million people English

Our successful method

The reason our method is so successful is because it is unique, supportive and personalized. We begin by testing you to determine your level. You will start to learn using our blended learning method, participating in our Interactive Lessons, working at your own pace with your Digital Workbooks and testing what you have learned in our Encounter Classes. Our classes are always kept small for maximum benefit and each part of the study cycle links to another, strengthening and building your English knowledge.

Our method is also flexible and allows for studying in our immersive centers and at home online. We’re so confident in it that we guarantee you will reach your goals.

  • Study Cycle
    Steps Animation

    Study Cycle

    Interactive lessons

    You first learn language and vocabulary in our Interactive Lessons, which can be completed either in our centers or online at a time that is convenient for you. These lessons are made from our own TV comedy series. They offer high quality, Hollywood-style video and a fun storyline with interesting characters who will entertain and motivate you.


  • Study Cycle
    Steps Animation

    Study Cycle

    Digital Workbooks

    Once you finish the Interactive Lessons, you will complete written exercises in your Student Workbooks or Digital Workbooks, which can be done at any time that is convenient for you. This reinforces your new vocabulary and language skills. With Digital Workbooks, you will get immediate feedback and know the answers you got right and where you need extra practice – and so will your teacher, who can assign extra homework in areas where you need more support.

  • Study Cycle
    Steps Animation

    Study Cycle

    Encounter Classes

    Encounter Classes are small, teacher-led classes held by our highly qualified native level English teachers.  Here you will practice your new English skills in a small group class with other people at the same level, which helps give you the confidence you need to speak your new language. Encounters are offered at various times, giving you the flexibility you need to schedule your classes at a time that works best for you. With our method, you can fit learning English into your busy life!

  • Additional Practice
    Steps Animation

    Additional Practice

    Anytime, Anywhere

    In addition to the core steps in our Blended Learning Method, we also offer additional opportunities for you to practice your English to help you learn. We offer extra Complementary Classes on a variety of relevant topics to give you more time with your teachers and more opportunities to practice speaking English. Our vibrant learning centers are a place where you can meet with your friends and our supportive staff, and they offer a near immersion experience where you can practice speaking English in a casual environment. You can also join our active online community, where you can practice English and connect with other students and teachers from around the world.

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English is one of the happiest languages in the world – the word ‘happy’ is used 3 times more often than ‘sad’!

What courses are offered by Wall Street English?

Our courses start at beginner level and go through to advanced with over 20 levels altogether. The first thing to do is take our online English test to find out what level you are and which course is the best for you. These courses use our Blended Learning Method so you learn much like you learned your first language. Our English courses page explains the difference with all of our courses.

How does student experience enhance learning?

With Wall Street English we give you the best experience when learning English. It goes beyond your teacher-led lessons with a wide variety of resources available to use and a focus on a social, fun way to learn. We have social activities in our centers and a global online community. At Wall Street English you don’t learn alone.

  • Diana Moise, Wall Street English Venezuela student quote

    Learning English with Wall Street English has helped me find a new job. I now work for an American airline company and my job is mostly in English.

    Diana Moise, Wall Street English Venezuela student

  • A-Ngoon, Wall Street English Thailand student quote

    Studying at Wall Street English has helped me to be confident, to be brave, and to have the ability to do what I have never imagined I could do. I’m not afraid of speaking to foreigners, dealing with others in English and traveling abroad alone anymore.

    A-Ngoon, Wall Street English Thailand student

  • Deissy Costanza Reyes, Wall Street English Colombia student quote

    I feel happy to be one step closer to my dream. Everything started a little more than one year ago, and now I have a good score on the IELTS exam, for this reason I can now apply for European universities.

    Deissy Costanza Reyes, Wall Street English Colombia student

Learn English today

We are a supportive community, passionate about teaching English. Start your journey of learning with us today to give yourself the opportunity to succeed with Wall Street English.

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