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Andrew Whitmarsh

Andrew Whitmarsh Wall Street English employee

Franchise Services Manager, Wall Street English International

“My life has been an adventure and the last 6 years with Wall Street English is no exception. It’s been one of the toughest, yet most rewarding jobs of my life.

I joined Wall Street English having very little idea how to be a manager. I’d never led a meeting in my life, never hired or fired someone and still thought that SWOT was something you did to a whining kid. But I self-studied, and I experimented and I was mentored, and I worked my butt off. I worked so hard I nearly cracked. I would go home and stare at my turtles to soothe my mind. But I knew I was in a special job. I had a job in education and I had a position which I knew would change lives. I was changing my students’ lives and my staff’s lives and that was a powerful motivator. I had an incredible team of Personal Tutors and Receptionists and I loved them fiercely.

Together, along with the other Wall Street English staff, we created a special place where our students came, and learned, and became fluent and grew confident, both in English and in other aspects of their life. I’m a company man now – sworn in for life. Wall Street English has infected my life so much that even my wife can draw the acquisition cycle (though she has disallowed a Wall Street English tattoo). I went from being a scruffy teacher making minimum wage at a local language school in Jakarta to being the GM of a multi-million dollar operation in Vietnam – if that’s not an improvement on things, I don’t know what is.

Wall Street English is a brilliant place to work for those that want to be a catalyst for change and a force for good. Be aware though, Wall Street English only takes the best and the brightest.”

Wall Street English Pinpoint Animation

Joined Wall Street English in United States

Pinpoint Location Animation

Moved to Jakarta (Indonesia) as Service Manager

Awards Animation

Got promoted to National Service Manager

Wall Street English Icon

Trained as Centre Director

Pinpoint Location Animation

Moved to Ho Chi Mihn City (Vietnam)

Male Animation

Got promoted to General Manager of Wall Street English’s newly launched territory – Vietnam

Male Animation

Moved to work at Wall Street English International as Franchise Services Manager.

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