Why you should teach at Wall Street English China

02 May 2018

Hello world travelers, if you’re reading this page, there’s a good chance you’re considering teaching in China. There are many fine schools, universities, and training centers to choose from when thinking of working in China so it can be a little overwhelming at first.

I remember when I was first looking for TEFL jobs here. It was really tough to narrow the options to even a list of 10 great jobs! However, in the end, it was down to two choices and one of them was Wall Street English China. You may be wondering – how did it make the final cut? Well, it was a combination of factors which I will lay out for you as succinctly as possible which will make your time living in China as enjoyable as possible.


When you are looking around, you will find a wide range of salaries offered to new teachers. Some of them are little more than subsistence + housing and other companies offer salaries which are competitive even by western standards. Wall Street English China is one of those companies. Look around and compare it to other schools. I think you’ll find it is heads above most of the competition. It also offers many bonuses and opportunities for more income.


This was one of my biggest criteria when choosing a company and you will find an abundance of it at Wall Street English China. This is a highly efficient corporation with a global presence, with over 400 centers in 28 territories around the world. From the advanced equipment offered to staff, such as the pads given for each and every teacher, to the modern design and layout of the centers, Wall Street English China exudes resilience and professionalism.


When you are leaving your home and moving halfway across the world, it’s of no surprise that safety would be a major issue. Sadly, there are a number of small, disreputable companies which have taken advantage of foreigners who were not savvy on what is legal and illegal when hiring new teachers. A critical part of this is the Z work visa. Without this, you are not able to work legally in China and can even be deported! Wall Street English China, as was mentioned previously, is highly professional and you can be assured that all of your legal documents will be handled expertly and with alacrity. As an employee of Wall Street English, I never worry about the safety of my residence here in China and it is a huge reason why, I not only joined Wall Street English China, but also why I stay at this company.  

Work environment 

One of the true treasures of this company is its corporate culture and the warmth of the working environment. There are no heavy-handed bosses or sour-faced colleagues here! Wall Street English China only hires highly-qualified, skilled, and experienced teachers who have specialization in ESL. This also goes for your other colleagues. They are really a great group of people to work with. There is a positive energy which fills the centers and radiates from the smiles of your coworkers. I cannot count how many friends I have made in this company – it is too numerous. Many of them have helped me in small ways such as ordering food in Chinese or in much larger ways, such as setting up my bank account, buying train tickets online, and helping me negotiate with my landlord.

Opportunities for advancement 

Whether you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder to the top or seeking a more lateral move into another department, you will find no shortage of chances or support at WSE China. I know two different colleagues at my center alone who moved into the Service Manager position within less than two years-time and they are doing great in their new roles. If you want to move up, let your Service Manager know and they will be happy to offer you all the guidance you need to reach your goals.  

Well, that’s all for today. Good luck job-hunting. I hope I have the chance to work alongside you at Wall Street English China! I think you will find it as rewarding as I have.


Written by experienced Teacher Jeff Brien