Why Should I Learn English? 6 Reasons

19 Jun 2017

It is said that English is the “language of opportunities”. Why? Because it is spoken to some extent in almost every country in the world! 

Many adults start learning English “just because”, without even thinking how useful it will be to improve their lives or why learning English is so important to benefit their performance in all aspects of life. At present English is the most widespread language in the business world: English is the official language of over 50 countries in the world and the preferred second language of non native English speaking countries.

If you are asking yourself the question, “Why should I learn English?”, here are 6 reasons why!

English in the business world:

Basically, due to the globalization of economy and business most companies need employees who can communicate with foreign buyers competently and the language chosen is English. Any important company will hire their professional staff not only after checking their specific capacity to deal with the job offered but also after getting to know how much English the prospect employee knows. So, if you can speak English well you have:

  • better job opportunities especially in the fields of sales, administration, marketing, banking, communication, translation, etc.
  • more chances to be hired by international companies and once hired the possibility to get better salaries and promotions.

In the field of science:

Scientists have to communicate the results of their research by publishing them in a scientific journal or by meeting other scientists face-to-face in conferences where they can present their papers and explain their findings, which, in general represent advances to scientific progress. Needless to say, whichever way they choose they need to use English if they want their findings to go beyond national boundaries and to influence other scientists.

In the field of technology:

The most technologically advanced countries in the world use English to communicate their developments, even if it is not their native language. Most pages on the web are written in English so, just one language – English – gives you access to almost all knowledge on the internet. Amazing! Furthermore, you can take part in forums and discussions without needing translations.

In the education field:

English is a key to some of the best universities in the world. Do you want to have the opportunity to access the top universities? Yes? Then you definitely need to speak English. Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT are listed among the top 10 universities in the world and as a graduate of any such institutions you’ll start your career with great advantages.

In the world of literature:

Some of the world’s most famous classic writers wrote in English and even though many of their works have been translated into different languages being able to read them as they were meant to be read –in their original language- allows you to appreciate these works of art properly and to understand the real message the author wanted to convey, which sometimes is distorted when translated.

In the world of popular culture:

Many of the world’s top films, songs and books are produced in English. Wouldn’t it be great to watch a movie without subtitles? Or to understand that song you like so much without having it translated?

Besides all the reasons mentioned above, learning English can be fun! You can make new friends, travel to different countries and meet new people, get to know about their culture, habits, traditions, and, who knows? you may meet the love of your life. Learning a foreign language needs time and dedication. Are you up for a challenge? Find your local center here and start learning English today!