Why learn English? 9 Reasons to Invest in Learning English

16 Aug 2017

Learning English: The Best Investment Ever!

Without a shadow of doubt the best investment is always learning, above all, learning a foreign language: acquiring new skills, knowledge, and mental, physical and emotional resources can open a whole new world of possibilities in the business field. If we believe, as most people do, that English is a lingua franca –meaning that it is used as a medium of communication among people of different languages- then, learning English is an asset for all job seekers.

So, as an individual learner, English will help you:

  • Be internationally mobile: you will be able to travel to any country regardless of the language spoken there. English is becoming a world language and if you manage to use it, your boss will choose you over other non-English speaking employees.
  • Your language skills will provide you with intercultural skills, i.e. you will be better adapted to interacting in a diverse society and to resolving cross-cultural issues. Employers believe workers with these skills will bring in new customers, will feel comfortable in new work environments and will support a good brand and its reputation.
  • You can find unique and fun career opportunities in a variety of fields.

What about companies? Do they look for bilingual employees? Yes! Most of them. Hiring bilinguals is important for them for several reasons.

Here are some positive effects of hiring bilingual staff:

  • The companies where they work can reach out to bilingual customers. If a company only has monolingual teams they may miss a whole section of a market that needs to communicate in English.
  • Those companies can expand their position. Having staff that can interact with customers from other countries is definitely a plus that can become a competitive edge at the time of competing with other companies or organizations.
  • Employees who know a foreign language will bring new perspectives and experience to the team. They will also develop an understanding of foreign cultures and business policies.
  • They will allow their companies to reach different ethnic groups
  • Employees who have studied a foreign language have had to develop good habits including tolerance and determination, which are highly valuable for employers. Studying a foreign language boosts creativity.
  • Being able to speak a second language in front of customers or strangers increases self-confidence and a person with self-confidence is better suited to face difficult issues at work.
  • Offering customer service in a language clients understand is a must. So, being able to speak and understand what a customer needs is an excellent experience all companies want to provide.As English has become the most widely used language in the world of trade and commerce, having an excellent knowledge of English for business has become vital for success in any employee’s career. Many aspects of corporate life also need fluent employees not only in speaking but also in writing English. For all the above, invest in learning English. It will give you personal satisfaction, you will be required by important companies, and what you spent in your English courses will give you great monetary benefits.


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