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02 Feb 2013

Wall Street Institute Launches Global Transformation Project by Unveiling New Name and Identity


Wall Street Institute, the leading global brand in English language education, has launched a sweeping transformation project that will change the way the world thinks about education. The first phase in the project is a company rebranding, which includes aligning all Wall Street centers across the globe under one name and one identity: Wall Street English.

The new identity focuses on the cornerstone of what Wall Street English does: open doors to bright futures by helping people learn to speak and understand English. English is the global language – it is the language of international business, of world travelers, and of diplomacy. It is estimated that over 2 billion people across the globe are learning English. Their reasons might differ but their goal is the same: people want to change their future and they believe learning English will help them do that.

The new Wall Street English name and logo represent the path to a brighter future. The new mark is an open door leading to a future full of possibilities. Wall Street English is their partner and guide on their journey.

“Wall Street English is a learning partner to 190,000 students and over 2 million alumni,” said Kim Berger Christensen, Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at Wall Street English. “Our new identity shows people that the door to their future is open when they learn English. They can choose to walk through the door and fulfill their dreams.”

The rebranding is the first phase in a transformation project that will change the way people think about education. The company has hired famed Italian architect and designer Fabio Novembre to redesign the Wall Street English learning centers. The goal is to have a learning center designed around people’s behaviors so that when they come to a center they learn in a way that is comfortable for them. Infants learn their language in a natural environment. Mr. Novembre’s goal is to recreate that natural state of learning in all 450 Wall Street English centers around the world. The first flagship center is expected to open in Shanghai later this year.

The idea of natural learning is also being replicated in different online projects as part of the company’s transformation. Wall Street English is developing a new online community for all audiences that supports an education model where learning occurs during every day activities and not just in the center or classroom. Every moment of a person’s life is an opportunity to learn. This breaks down the barriers associated with a traditional educational environment. It redefines language education and makes it accessible to everyone.

“Our goal is always to see each student – each person – succeed in learning English,” said David Kedwards, CEO of Wall Street English. “Through our transformation project we will show people there are different ways to learn the language. We are breaking down the barriers put up by traditional education to bring English to everyone. We invite people to step through our door and discover their future – a future that is new and bright because of English.”


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