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14 Oct 2020

The trend towards online learning opens up great opportunities in the education industry and we’ve seen how technology is vital to continuously improving the learning experience in the wider sector. Technology is particularly useful in modern English language learning as student needs have changed with the global coronavirus epidemic.  

Wall Street English CEO, David Kedwards, joined in a webinar where he spoke about the importance of technology and how Wall Street English uses it to help language learners achieve results in their learning journeys. You can take advantage of these technological tools to really improve your English level! Read on to find out how.

A Proven Method Combining Technology and Personal Support

Wall Street English has a proven method that we’ve developed and perfected since 1972 in 29 countries all around the world.  

There are three main parts of the Wall Street English method:  

  1. An engaging TV series with interactive activities to help you learn 
  2. Digital student workbooks to help you practice reading and writing skills at any time on any device 
  3. Small classes with highly-qualified teachers to use the language you’ve learned and get feedback on how to continue improving. 

All these parts of the method have examples of how Wall Street English has been a pioneer in the use of technology in language learning. For example, it was 2004 when we enabled all students to access our course learning materials online. 

Then in 2012 we developed out online digital student workbooks which you can use on a mobile, tablet or computer from anywhere you want.  

Then already by 2013 online classes were introduced, so it shows that combined with almost 50 years of experience in teaching English to more that 3 million learners, Wall Street English has now built up knowledge and experience in online teaching using the latest technology to guarantee progress.  

Our Blended Learning Method Helps You Learn English

Wall Street English has been at the forefront of leading-edge innovation in order to give our students the best possible learning experience. If you learn English with us then you can be confident that you’ve chosen an effective and efficient way to learn that combines the benefits of technology with experience staff and systems.  

Our approach that combines self-study with small group classes led by qualified English teachers means that it gives you more flexibility to progress and learn at your own pace. It’s a method that works and importantly adapts around your schedule and needs.  

The Wall Street English method is now available completely online which makes the most of the previous tools and introduces for all learners the ability to join online classes with our custom-made Digital Classroom. Online classes with Wall Street English are much more like real life now as you can join in classes with other students from around the world as well as your native-level English teachers.

With one click from the student dashboard Wall Street English students can join a group video class. It’s easy to use so you can focus on speaking English. This experience is very different to other learning providers where you just have to connect via a different too. Everything about the tool is focused on enabling confident communication whether it’s the built-in classroom materials, the breakout rooms for role plays or the chat messenger for further engagement. 

Wall Street English has always embraced the use of technology to help make sure that if you follow our method you will learn English. Because of this we are also continuing to invest and develop in our technology platforms and advanced learning systems to enable you to learn and allow our team of supportive staff to motivate you towards achieving your goals. 

Are you ready to find out more? Complete the form to find out how you can start using the latest technology to improve your English.

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