Improve your English reading & writing with workbooks

01 Apr 2022

A proven method that works

At Wall Street English we’ve developed an integrated English language course that is all connected and totally immersive. We only teach English and we’re experts in it! All the activities that you do in our course are linked together and relate to the language that you’ve learnt at each step, which not only makes it more enjoyable but it also makes it much more effective.

Our premium English course combines face-to-face teaching with modern technology. You can study whenever and wherever you want. With our expert teachers and personal coaches, you’re guaranteed to succeed.

The Wall Street English learning method is entertaining and effective. It’s taught in a way that works just for you – your level, your schedule, your goals. First you watch an engaging TV series with interesting characters that introduce you to the English language. You can even play parts in the conversations from the episodes!

Then you practice the language you’ve learnt in interactive lessons and activities that are all related to the videos you’ve just seen. This is great for improving your listening and even your speaking skills with our automatic speech recognition tool.

However, it’s also important to make sure that you can improve your English reading and writing skills, so that’s why we’ve developed our student workbooks.

Advanced English learning with digital student workbooks

The student workbooks are really important elements of our English course. It’s where you can practice and improve your reading and writing skills. But these workbooks aren’t like the old-fashioned paper textbooks that you might remember from the past. These are complete interactive tools that have many different types of activities that allow you to read and write in English. You’ll get the practice you need to write complete sentences, analyze texts and then write your own free-flowing English.

Just like a real book you can flip back to previous sections and you can revise the things that you’ve covered. It’s a great way of making sure that you’ve understood all the important parts of the language. You’ll be able to go back over these exercises and activities whenever you want!

However, unlike paper books with our workbooks you’ll be able to take advantage of advanced digital learning feedback, so you’ll get scores and grades as you complete each section. Your answers are automatically saved and stored into your course dashboard ready to be reviewed by your teacher as you prepare for the next part of your course, which is the class with your teacher to demonstrate what you’ve learnt.

Continuous technological improvement

One of the other benefits of our digital student workbooks is that we can constantly improve the technology and user experience to make sure that you, the learner, make the most of the content to really improve your English level.

We’ve got a dedicated technology team that is focused on making improvements to our learning platform and this includes these digital workbooks. As part of the latest updates, we have integrated the Workbooks in our main Learn English app so that you can do all your self-study in the same app. You can even save all your work in real-time.

The Wall Street English Head of Product, Ken Davis, explains more about our updated tool.

“Our recent update has consolidated the Workbooks as a core component - aligning the navigation, interface and look and feel with the other components. Integration into the web and mobile apps ensures seamless navigation between components, stability and avoids the need for synchronization across multiple platforms.

The Workbooks were designed and developed by our in-house teams across Barcelona and Chennai, combining pedagogy, content, technology and UX to deliver a premium product experience which delights and engages our students while delivering clear and measurable learning outcomes”

When you’ve finished the other parts of your lesson, you’ll be directly guided to the workbook that you need to complete for the next part of your course. New, more convenient layouts have been developed so that you can read the content better on screen, and higher quality images have been used. We have also improved the interactive elements of activities particularly on mobiles.

As you can see, at Wall Street English we’re committed to constantly improving the way that you learn English. We continue to develop and enhance the experience of using our learning platforms and our dedicated technology and product teams are focused on updating the features of our course.

A better experience for English students

We make sure that we get feedback from our students and regularly test new content with them. For example, with the new workbooks we piloted them with 10,000 students around the world and asked them what they thought of the new experience. Our students rated the new workbooks higher than the previous ones. 85% of Students said they would like to continue using the new Workbooks when the test was over. Students enjoyed the improved look and feel of the new workbooks, the vocabulary tool, the faster response of the platform and the smooth integration. That’s not bad but we’re not stopping there, so now it’s on to the next improvement for our students!

So, if you’re looking to improve your English reading and writing skills then we’ve got the solution for you! Digital workbooks that give you the best of both worlds, as you can practice reading and writing whilst still getting instant feedback.  

Our learning experience is a perfect mix of self-study and time with experienced teachers and personal coaches. You can learn English online from the comfort of your own home or join us in our English schools for small classes and in-person events all in English! 

We give you total flexibility. Whether you learn online, in-person or both with our Full Access option, we help you learn on your terms, in your way. Find out more about Our English courses now.