How to Improve your English Speaking Skills

24 Feb 2020

The best way to improve your English speaking skills is to practice as much as possible. At Wall Street English you learn to speak English in a natural way with small classes, conversation practice and social events. You will be totally immersed in English! Read on to find out more.

If you want to learn English, or you’ve already started to study, you probably feel that above all you need to improve your ability to speak. Most people find it relatively easy to read and even write because you have time to understand by checking words in the dictionary or asking help from a colleague. But when you’re having a conversation with someone, there’s no time for any of that – you need to react immediately using the words and phrases that come to you in that moment. So how can you practice and become better at speaking English at Wall Street English?

At Wall Street English we believe that the best and only way to learn English is through listening and speaking, just as you learnt your native language. And with almost 50 year’ experience successfully teaching over 3 million students all over the world, we know it works. That’s why every lesson you do at Wall Street English is based on speaking. How does that work? 

Listen, speak and learn

Our fun interactive lessons are a combination of listening and speaking. An entertaining episode of our video story presents you with new language, after which you do a series of quizzes and speaking exercises to produce the words and phrases yourself. And our speech recognition system helps you learn how to pronounce words correctly.

Everyday English

Whether you need English for business, studies, or for travel, you need to learn everyday spoken English, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn at Wall Street English. From the very first level, you learn natural spoken contractions, informal expressions and practical vocabulary that native speakers use daily. 

Small classes

The classes you have with a native speaking teacher are always with a small number of students – typically two or three who are at exactly the same level as you. This ensures you have plenty of speaking time and you can focus on improving precisely the same skills. All the classes with teachers are entirely based on speaking activities. In fact, the lesson is similar to a guided conversation which allows you to reproduce and practice the new language you’ve learnt with the support and feedback of a teacher.   

Conversation practice

To help you practice further, you can take part in extra lessons called complementary classes. These are lessons which give you the chance to focus on improving your general fluency as well as consolidate your understanding of new words and phrases you’re studying in the course.

Be Social!

Every Wall Street English center has a Social Club which offers a range of extra activities in and out of the school. These can include parties, cinema nights, quizzes, and trips to special local events. All of these activities enable you to speak and hear others speak English and are a great way to improve your skills and increase your confidence. They’re also a lot of fun and a chance to make new friends!

English only!

From the moment you enter a Wall Street English center, you will only hear and speak English. This means that you practice speaking English when you book a class with the receptionist, when you have a coffee with a teacher, and even when you chat with other students. Wall Street English focuses entirely on speaking English.

As you can see, Wall Street English gives you the chance to improve your English speaking skills in several practical ways. And from what our students say about their experience, it really works. Find out more about our Student Experience

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