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Our English Learning Method

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Are you trying to find the best way to learn English? Have you tried one or two methods that didn’t work for you? Which method can give you the English skills you need when you work or travel?

At Wall Street English we have a tried and tested method that has worked for over 3 million students all over the world. Read on to find out what is special about our method and how it can work for you…


Learning English Naturally

Our course lets you learn English in the same way as you learned your native language as a child. You focus on listening and speaking and you learn through trial and error. This method of natural acquisition is not only the most logical way to learn but it’s also the most fun and rewarding.

Blended Learning

The Wall Street English method combines the benefits of all the different means of learning – multimedia lessons available anytime anywhere, interactive exercises with immediate feedback, lessons with small classes of 3 or 4 people with and qualified and experienced teachers, and conversation lessons and social activities that give you further opportunities to practice.


As a student at Wall Street English, you can make the course fit around your needs. You can do your online lessons whenever and wherever you want, and you can arrange your teacher based lessons on any day and time that suits you, varying it from week to week according to your needs. You can alter your study rhythm when you’re unable to attend frequently and when you have more time than usual. Your course can be completely personalized from start to finish to ensure you reach the objective you want.

Practical English

The Wall Street English method teaches you the kind of English you need at work and on holiday. What do I mean? I mean the kind of language you hear and need to understand and respond to when you meet an international colleague, or when you have to book a hotel abroad. Our method puts speaking and listening first, because they are the two fundamental skills you need. And you’ll learn to use the same contractions and modern terms native speakers use.

Having Fun Learning

At Wall Street English you learn English having fun! Our multimedia lessons are based on a series of short, entertaining videos that follow the lives of some young professionals living in New York. After watching the story you do some interactive activities followed by some exercises in your digital workbook. Encounters with teachers enable you to meet and practice using the new target language with three or four other students, and let you get expert feedback from the teacher. All our centers offer weekly conversation lessons as well as a number of social activities that vary from parties to cinema nights to museum visits.


Our course has twenty levels and a total of 80 units that are aligned with the internationally recognised CEFR levels A1-C2. It’s ideal both for complete beginners and advanced learners, and provides you with a certificate on completion that demonstrates the level of English you’ve achieved.


The Wall Street English Method offers you everything you need by being practical, flexible, structured, and fun! Find out more details about our method here:




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    i’v got M.A in English teaching but i think i need to study for short time in a good institute with native teachers . i.m so interested at English and speaking fluently is my dream from childhood. i can’t spend much money for that .so if the fee will be suitable for me i’ll come there for studying. would you please guide me.
    thank you

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