Empowering Learners with Next-Gen Productivity Tools

16 Apr 2024

New features improve the speed of learning while maintaining the course’s high success rate

Barcelona, Spain, 16 April 2024 - Wall Street English, a leading global EdTech company, has unveiled a suite of cutting-edge features and learner productivity tools to optimize their students’ learning outcomes.

The introduction of innovative technology features, coupled with new powerful tools such as Study Planner, are improving how students navigate their educational journey, helping them achieve their education objectives in record time while maintaining Wall Street English’s learning guarantee.

The new Study Planner empowers students to forge their own paths to success. This comprehensive tool seamlessly integrates into their daily routines, enabling them to manage their study pace, schedule and attend classes, track their progress and prepare for classes and upcoming milestones with ease and efficiency.

Key features include the ability to enhance class readiness and track monthly progress through an interactive interface supporting students with both short and long-term goals. Real-time insights into optimal study rates empower students to tailor their learning experiences to suit their rhythms and needs, fostering a conducive environment for consistent attendance and accelerated progress to achieve their full potential.

In addition to the Study Planner, Wall Street English is implementing a tool that allows students to practice speaking with an AI counterpart. These unscripted, realistic conversations can take place during each cycle of learning and will allow the students a more natural speaking experience versus the previously scripted version. Immediate feedback on their pronunciation, grammar, and fluency, delivered in a low-anxiety manner, can empower students to practice effectively before meeting with their class and teacher. 

Other core enhancements include changes to the student availability settings, enabling more efficient class scheduling both online and in their dedicated learning centers. Now students can access the personalized feedback they receive from the teachers during the class easily in the student profile.  

These improvements make learning as convenient as possible for the student and teacher, ensuring they have the flexibility to learn efficiently around busy schedules. 

“We understand our students lead very busy lives. Time is precious and they cannot afford to waste it. Recognising this, we are steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that every moment of learning with us delivers value and tangible results. Despite already having a remarkable 96% success rate, we continue to invest in improving our systems, striving to elevate learners' experience, whether that’s augmenting speed, bolstering productivity or enhancing flexibility. With the Study Planner, we aim to empower students to take control of their learning journey, stay motivated, and achieve their full potential. These tools are all designed to augment our teachers’ capabilities, helping them to be the best teachers they can be,” James Mc Gowan, CEO Wall Street English.


“Study Planner has helped me to manage my time and given me more freedom to complete my goals. With this tooI now, I know when I have time to relax and when it’s time to study, with useful prompts to keep me on track.” Domingo, Wall Street English student, Italy

As a result of these various updates, we are already observing a 10% increase in our student's monthly progress ratios. In particular, Study Planner has been instrumental in enhancing class readiness, resulting in over 90% of students being fully prepared.

Wall Street English is dedicated to the ongoing development of its learning tools and methods, investing in the best technology to learn English as effectively as possible. With these new tools and features, students can feel even more confident in achieving their desired learning outcomes in the most efficient way possible.



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