50 years of going further

01 Sept 2022

You don’t just learn with Wall Street English for fun. Or for guaranteed outcomes, proven through 50 years of success. You learn for tomorrow. For the hopes you have for tomorrow.

We’ve been helping people go further with English since 1972... that’s 50 years of expertise in teaching English!

The Wall Street English learning experience has helped over 3 million adult learners get great results, on their own terms. We help you go further by going further ourselves – every week and every year we’re constantly innovating and creating new ways to make learning fun, flexible and effective.

Premium English experience 

  • A proven method with guaranteed results 
  • Developed, improved and refined over the last 50 years 


We’ve got the course for you whether you’re:  

  • an adult learner studying to improve your career or to travel the world; or 
  • a business that wants to further develop your staff and get the best return on your investment; or 
  • a parent wanting their family members to learn English in an engaging and effective way 


Innovating since 1972 

All the time that we’ve been teaching English with our proven method our focus and dedication to the English language has never changed. What has changed, is our advanced learning platform and innovative tools that make sure you learn English quickly and effectively. We’re always making improvements to the learning experience for all our students around the world. 

We’re constantly looking forwards to the future... of English language learning, of our business and of the lives of our students and staff. But we never use technology for technology’s sake. For us, it’s about applying technology that is fit-for-purpose to maximize the learning experience.  

We take pride in offering the most supportive English training in the market. It's the way that we teach and the blended method, powered by technology, that really makes our English course work. 

How we innovate at Wall Street English 

  • Ongoing development of our learning tools and investment in the best technology for learning English 
  • Regular refinement of our proven method to make sure you really learn English 
  • A dedicated staff of expert teachers, personal coaches and support staff that are focused on helping you learn as effectively as possible. 

Over the last 50 years we’ve become experts in English language learning in our schools, now it’s time to let us help you prepare online or in-person for your own future! 

Why choose to learn English with us? 

  • Guaranteed progress - If you follow our method, you will learn - it’s as simple as that. Our sophisticated learning systems, personalized support and study plans give you the routines and experience you need to succeed. 
  • Personalized learning plans – tailored study schedules for your goals. Start when you like and study where you want – online at home or in our schools with any device. 
  • Live classes, top teachers - Highly-qualified English language experts keep you motivated and on-track throughout your learning experience. 
  • Personal coaches, unparalleled support - Every student gets a dedicated Personal Coach to help, support and motivate. 
  • Flexible learning, online and in-person - Join classes at a time that suits you, in a way that suits you. Online, in-person of a mix of both – the choice is yours. 
  • Award-winning technology – fully-integrated experience with an engaging TV series, interactive exercises and our custom-built Digital Classroom. 

English is a global language but it’s also always evolving and adapting. You need an English training team that is also innovating and constantly improving whether it’s with the latest technology or the best techniques that you need to really make progress and achieve your goals. 

You need Wall Street English. 50 years of better futures. 50 years of going further for you.