Additional Ways to Learn


Our online community offers additional ways to learn, including ForToday, a set of educational tools that use content from the Financial Times, the world’s leading provider of global business news, commentary and analysis. With ForToday, students practice English using real news articles from the Financial Times. Articles are uploaded to the community every week, and each article includes a series of practice exercises to help students with reading comprehension and vocabulary.

In addition to the weekly language exercises, students can participate in language classes that focus on the weekly articles. These classes give students additional opportunities to engage with our teachers, develop speaking skills, and to work with other students in a small class setting.


ForToday also includes an online game based on the Financial Times articles. AppGrade can be accessed from our Facebook Page and is focused on the weekly Financial Times article. AppGrade encourages you to challenge your peers and share success with your friends. Players score points by answering questions about the article and progress through the game based on the number of points they earn each week.

To read more articles from the Financial Times, ForToday also offers Wall Street English students free unlimited access to Students can keep up with business news from the leading global news source while practicing reading in English on a daily basis. The learning resources in ForToday and the subscription to are offered to all Wall Street English students at no additional cost.