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Business Student Experience

Equipping Employees for Business in English

With over 3 million satisfied students and alumni worldwide we pride ourselves on the student experience we offer. Business English students are looked after on an individual basis ensuring more accurate level assignment and a better tailored learning course. This means that your employees, no matter how many, are given the course, support and motivation they need to succeed for themselves and your company.

Individual Experience

We undertake free level tests for your employees to understand their present level of English. This means that we can match students’ levels more accurately. We have a complete range of 20 English levels and flexible options for corporate learners from beginner right through to advanced. This promotes a positive learner experience as the learner starts at the most appropriate level and progresses quickly towards full fluency and language capability.

Flexible for Employees

We understand that your employees are required to work and learn simultaneously and this can often make for a more demanding workload. Our courses are tailored to your business as well as their delivery. We offer accommodating class schedules, flexible study online 24/7, and a variety of learning locations including in-center, in-company and individual.

Quality Teaching

We ensure that your employees receive the best English teaching to equip them for the business world. This includes teachers who are highly trained, certified and have experience of the business world. We have small classes, between 1-4 students, to allow more interaction between your employees and the teacher. Additionally, our English teachers are qualified, native-level speakers that teach your employees to speak the best English that is suitable for all types of business situations. We combine excellent, high-quality teaching with a motivational and inspirational course so your employees will find their learning experience enjoyable and effective.

Immersive Experience

We only speak English in our Centers. If you choose in-center learning for your employees they will be fully immersed in an English speaking world. One of the quickest ways to learn a language is to be surrounded by those speaking it so we provide this environment for your staff to ensure they are learning as efficiently as they can.

Social Club & Complementary Classes

Our Social Clubs and Complementary Classes make your employees learning more effective. Our Social Clubs include activities and events to help your employees learn English in an engaging and comfortable environment while our complementary classes add extra value for your employees.

Specialised Business Solutions

We guarantee success for our corporate students who follow our learning program. We guarantee it in writing.

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We have successfully taught over 3 million students the English language

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