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Our Business Method

Our Blended Learning Method

Our method for teaching English is one of the best for businesses. It combines different ways of learning into a simple but effective blended method with a study cycle of natural learning for your employees. This method will equip your employees with the practical skills and confidence they need to do business in English. We train your employees for – conversations, negotiations, meetings, conferences, calls, presentations, emails, and many other professional situations.

Our Study Cycle


Wall Street English Study Cycle

Our blended method includes: engaging interactive lessons that can be completed in-center, in-company or at home; interactive Digital Workbooks; and small, flexible classes.

The Steps to Success


Interactive Lessons

Our Interactive Lessons are designed to be highly flexible and completed in short periods of time so your employees can fit learning into their busy life. The Interactive Lessons are the first step in our learning method and are where employees learn their new language and vocabulary through engaging Hollywood-style videos. Here at Wall Street English we specially developed our own TV comedy series for our Interactive Lessons. The engaging storyline includes business and professional careers situations with interesting characters that help to motivate your employees to keep learning.

Digital Workbooks

Once your employees finish their Interactive Lessons they will complete exercises in their Digital Workbooks. These Digital Workbooks are all completed online allowing employees flexibility in fitting their studies around their work. The exercises focus on reinforcing vocabulary and language skills learned in lessons. Thanks to the nature of the Digital Workbooks your employees can receive real-time results and feedback on their progress as they complete exercises. Their teachers will also receive a detailed report of the results and can then assign extra homework in areas where they need further support. This is an important step of the learning method.

Small Encounter Classes

Encounter are small classes that give your employees quality time with highly qualified native-level English teachers. Your employees demonstrate their new English skills in a small group class with other people at the same level. This is a vital step for your employees to become confident in speaking English in a business situation. Encounters are offered at various times throughout the day ensuring your employees have the flexibility to schedule their sessions around their work.


Employees of Wall Street English

Supporting learning

In addition to the steps in our core Blended Learning Method for business, we also have additional opportunities for your employees to practice their English. We offer additional Complementary Classes that add knowledge in the most important parts of the English language, a supportive English-only environment in our centers, and an active online community where employees can find additional practice exercises and connect with other students and teachers from around the world.

You can read more about these additional resources on our Corporate Student Experience page.

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