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Where Can You Invest?

Join the Wall Street English Franchising Network

Wall Street English already boasts a network of over 400 centers in 28 territories and a successful history and extensive experience in franchising. Nonetheless we continue to expand at a rate of approximately 20 centers per year, and are always looking for new partners, both for building networks in new countries as well as sub-franchisees in existing territories. See below for franchise opportunities.

Exciting franchise territories

  • India – with over 100 large urban populations and a high demand for conversational English, the Indian market could mirror our flagship China’s success (70 centers and growing)
  • Japan – the largest remaining market in Asia with massive urban population and a passion for English
  • Philippines – in spite of a high general proficiency, knowledge and fluency of English in this market are indispensable
  • Taiwan – a high demand market with no dominant established brand
  • Brazil – a huge and developing nation with many urban hubs and strong demand, providing a large scale opportunity
  • Germany/Austria/Poland – significant European economies with strong demand for intermediate and advanced skills in spite of good average proficiency

Investment Opportunities

There are several opportunities available for franchise including:

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India, Iran, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan

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Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine

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Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela

Other territories not illustrated above are available on request.

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  • GCC (Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf) – several rapidly growing large cities with multicultural demographic, making English skills essential
  • Central America – key markets in the region available to enhance our strong footprint in America
  • Eastern Europe – exciting markets with low English proficiency and thus huge demand
  • Africa – several interesting markets with increasing international focus and high demand for quality English tuition
  • CIS – increasing internationalisation of business relations is making English indispensable in this region

Ready to invest in English?

Find out more about the opportunities in a $50 billion market with your own Wall Street English franchise. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team..

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