A Business Opportunity

One World, One Language

The world speaks English.

In today’s global economy, communication is critical for success. Today’s world speaks English to communicate across political and cultural boundaries. English is the global language of business, travel, diplomacy, entertainment, and mass communication.

The market is estimated at over $50 billion in annual revenues

With over 2 billion people currently learning English to become part of the global conversation, English language education is a fast growing industry. As our world becomes more connected, more people will have to learn English in order to succeed, and the demand for effective English language schools will continue to grow.
At Wall Street English, we teach English.

By becoming part of Wall Street English, you can join this fast growing industry by starting a business that is stable, relevant, growing, and profitable. You can become part of a business that helps people realize their dreams.

We invite you to step through our door and discover what we can do for you.

Our oldest daughter and her husband live in New York so when I visit them I have to speak in English with my son in law's parents and siblings, they only speak in English. English is the most popular language in the world and I need to improve it.

Cristina Kelly, Student, Argentina

I study English (at WSE) because I have a son that lives in London and since two years ago, I have a precious granddaughter and she will never speak Italian to her nonno (grandfather).

Antonio Ricco, Student, Italy

After a while, my confidence in speaking English started to grow. Last year when I was attending a technical exchange conference, I even found the courage to volunteer to speak in English in front of hundreds of English-speaking people!

Fred Chan, Student, Hong Kong