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What is the Wall Street English course?

At Wall Street English our courses are tailored to individual needs and specifically designed to place you at the right academic level, allowing you to study at your own pace and reach to personal goals. We design our courses around engaging Hollywood-style TV sitcoms, including over 100 characters, representing 30 different accents from around the world. Wall Street English offer over 20 levels of English ranging from beginners to advanced, with additional courses for individuals who are new to learning English, wish to engage with business-related content and support for advanced students.

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What is blended learning?

Blended learning is an educational program that combines both online learning and traditional classroom methods. At Wall Street English our blended learning method is suitable for many different learning styles. As a student of Wall Street English, you will engage and learn the English language through Digital Workbooks, Complementary Classes, and social clubs.

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What is the Wall Street English learning method?

At Wall Street English we implement a blended learning method which includes many different learning styles. You can study English by following a natural way of learning a language. We teach English using ‘natural language acquisition’ – the same way you learned your first language. We highlight the importance of listening and speaking first and reading and writing then follows. We offer many opportunities to practice English in real life situations helping you to achieve a deeper understanding of the language.

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What is the best way to learn English?

No language can be mastered overnight and there is no magic quick fix, however, at Wall Street English we recognize that anything is possible with a dedicated attitude. To successfully learn English, we recommend following a blended learning method which includes the ability to learn online with English movies, quizzes, and digital student workbooks whilst also attending in-person teacher and student-led classes.

To find out more information about individual English learning, please visit our English for You section.

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How do you learn English with Wall Street English?

The English learning experience at Wall Street English is flexible, effective and entertaining, helping you to dream big and achieve a world of opportunities. Our unique learning method teaches English in the same way that you learnt your native language. We encourage our students to learn English through videos, online activities, and individual digital workbooks. Whilst also gaining personalized support from our dedicated teachers in one of our centers. 

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Do Wall Street English offer different English levels?

Yes, at Wall Street English we offer over 20 levels of English for students ranging from beginner to mastery.

    To find out about the different levels of English available at Wall Street English, head over to our English course page.