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What are the best locations for a Wall Street English center?

Wall Street English offers a premium product and service experience – and our centers are the heart of that. We look to have centers in central, accessible locations, attractive or iconic buildings, and with sufficient floor space (250m2 upwards) to deliver an attractive learning environment. These could be in quality shopping malls or stand-alone locations in high-traffic areas. Primarily we aim for our customers to find our English language centers easily, love the atmosphere, and visit frequently!

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How long does it take to set up a Wall Street English franchise?

The length in which it takes to set up a Wall Street English franchise varies depending on geography and legislation conditions. We generally advise that you should plan 6-9 months from initial planning and agreement signing to opening.

    If you have any further questions regarding our franchise opportunities, be sure to contact our franchise team who will be on hand to assist. 

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What support is provided at Wall Street English for franchisees?

From building initial business plans, through location selection and design, to initial start-up support and training, Wall Street English supports new franchisees every step of the way. We provide extensive operating procedure manuals, as well as ongoing training, support, advice, and guidance from a dedicated team operating in the franchise services office. At Wall Street English we hold regular calls, regional and international meetings to ensure we develop a global network of success.

    To find out more about our endless opportunities in becoming a franchisee at Wall Street English, please visit our franchising section.

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How does Wall Street English differ to other English learning centers?

At Wall Street English we take a blended learning method approach, which is highly effective and attractive to today’s learner, providing the students with the flexibility to choose when and where they wish to study, whilst still achieving progress and personal goals. From a franchisee perspective, you will receive the complete curriculum, materials, platforms and systems to offer this exclusive course, along with a learner management system for class scheduling and progress tracking – everything you need to run top-quality tuition. You will also receive a detailed operations manual for all aspects of the business, as well as support in recruitment, initial training, location selection, and daily running of the business. As a franchisee, you receive the best English learning method, a proven and defined business model, and support from an experienced and dedicated team.

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Who is the target market for Wall Street English?

Wall Street English courses cater for adults aged 17 and upwards – anyone who needs to improve their skills and recognizes the value English gives their future! Our main clients are young professionals, investing in their careers, and students looking to improve English for their studies (and subsequent careers). Wall Street English also delivers a range of solutions for corporate instruction (B2B), as well as test preparation courses for the most common external examinations (IELTS, TOEFL, TOIEC, PTE-A).

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Why should I buy a Wall Street English franchise?

Wall Street English is an established brand name in the English language training market, with more than 40 years experience in teaching English as well as franchising. This means you benefit from both a highly efficient and effective learning concept, along with the experience of running a profitable business. When you become a franchisee at Wall Street English, you are buying into a proven concept and a strong network, accelerating your learning curve in a new business and leading you to success.

    If you are looking for further information regarding franchise opportunities at Wall Street English, be sure to view our designated franchise page.

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When is the best time to learn English?

There is no hard or fast rule of when the best time to learn English is however, we recommend starting as soon as you have made that initial decision! 

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How can I join Wall Street English?

Joining Wall Street English is simple and fun, we have over 425 learning centers, spanning 29 countries and with a total enrolment of 190,000 students! The first stage to becoming a student at Wall Street English is to speak to one of our dedicated team members about what it is you’re looking to achieve.

    View our location page to find your nearest learning center.  

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How much does it cost to learn English?

The cost of learning English varies depending upon the level that is most suitable for you. At Wall Street English we have many different solutions to help you achieve your personal and individual achievements. An important aspect of our courses at Wall Street English is that they are flexible and provide great value for money as you are guaranteed to excel in the English language if you follow our unique method for 3 to 4 hours per week. 


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What is the quickest way to learn English?

    • A lot of people have tried to learn English at school or when they were younger but often find that they don’t learn as quickly as they want. This is normally because they learnt through an old method or focused too much on learning grammar rather than speaking and listening.
    • When you start from a low level then you can actually make progress quite quickly. The Wall Street English blended learning method makes the best use of your time so that you can learn quicker. You can study at home or in our centers and then you get a lot of practice using the language. The blended learning method is quicker if you want to improve your speaking skills because you learn the same way as you learnt your native language as a baby.
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How long does it take to learn English?

The length of time it takes for an individual to learn English is dependent upon on a number of factors including the time that you invest, the areas you wish to improve and your current level of English. At Wall Street English we will help you find a personalized course and open up a world of opportunities for you.