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English exercises

How to use conditionals in English: zero, first, second, third and mixed.

Do you want to improve your level of communication? Read on to find out more about the four conditionals and how to use them.

Adverbs of manner

We can use adverbs in many ways, from describing how often we do something to where we do it. What about adverbs of manner? What are they for and how do we use them? Read on to find out more!

Demonstrative adjectives

What are the very important words in English we all need to know and why are they so useful? Read on to find out!

Comparative adjectives

The most common way of comparing is to use comparative adjectives that express a superior difference. Learn more about comparatives here!

Adverbs of place

What are the adverbs of place and how do you use them in a sentence? Read on to find out with this useful article about learning English.

Direct and indirect speech exercises

In order to describe what people said there are two different types of speech – direct speech and indirect (or reported) speech. Read on to find out more about these forms and improve your storytelling skills.