Employee Journeys

Professional and Personal Development

With Wall Street English your career becomes a journey, enriched through professional development and personal achievements. Who knows what path you will take and where it will lead you.

Intrigued? Take a look at some of the journeys our current employees have embarked on and what they have to say about their Wall Street English Employee Experience.

Ken Davis

Director, Product Operations

"The key motivator for me over these 19 years in WSE has been the shared passion for helping our students learn: helping them achieve their goals through new and improved learning and teaching materials, offering educational success and personal satisfaction: elements that are at the heart of what we do, that we all understand and believe in, and produce outstanding results and success stories day after day throughout the network. In terms of accomplishments, Pearson's support for the Global Corporate Challenge helped me replace smoking with running, now I regular compete in 10k races. I've also picked up a few languages in my travels."

Joined WSE as a Teacher in Valencia (Spain)

Got promoted to Systems Supervisor and then to Service Manager

Moved to Milan as MIS Coordinator

Moved to Rome as IT Manager

Got promoted to National Service Manager

Got promoted to Global Manager Service and moved to Barcelona

Got promoted to Global Manager of Product Operations and moved to Baltimore (US)

Got promoted to Director of Product Operations in Barcelona

Jaime Durán

National Service Manager, Colombia

"I majored in psychology and never thought I would end up in the English teaching industry. It is amazing to see how English opens doors and working at Wall Street has been an incredible learning experience for me. I have learned how to teach, how to lead, and how to manage.I have also met some of the most inspiring people that are now part of my life. I have travelled to many different countries thanks to WSE and have reached many personal goals during this time, including taking the CELTA course and helping students achieve their potential."

Studied for over a year in a WSE Center in Bogota and reached Threshold 1 level

Hired as a Personal Tutor in a WSE Center (Salitre) in Bogota

Promoted to Service Manager in Salitre, Bogota

Promoted to National Service Manager for Colombia

Andrew Whitmarsh

General Manager, Vietnam

"My life has been an adventure and the last 6 years with WSE is no exception. It’s been one of the toughest, yet most rewarding jobs of my life. I joined WSE having very little idea how to be a manager. I’d never led a meeting in my life, never hired or fired someone and still thought that SWOT was something you did to a whining kid. But I self-studied, and I experimented and I was mentored, and I worked my butt off. I worked so hard I nearly cracked. I would go home and stare at my turtles to soothe my mind. But I knew I was in a special job. I had a job in education and I had a position which I knew would change lives. I was changing my students’ lives and my staff’s lives and that was a powerful motivator. I had an incredible team of PTs and SOs and I loved them fiercely. Together, along with the other WSE staff, we created a special place where our students came, and learned, and became fluent and grew confident, both in English and in other aspects of their life. I’m a company man now – sworn in for life. WSE has infected my life so much that even my wife can draw the acquisition cycle (though she has disallowed a WSE tattoo). I went from being a scruffy teacher making minimum wage at a local language school in Jakarta to being the GM of a multi-million dollar operation in Vietnam – if that’s not an improvement on things, I don’t know what is. WSE is a brilliant place to work for those that want to be a catalyst for change and a force for good. Be aware though, WSE only takes the best and the brightest."

Joined WSE in United States

Moved to Jakarta (Indonesia) as Service Manager

Got promoted to National Service Manager

Trained as Centre Director

Moved to Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Got promoted to General Manager of WSE's newly launched territory - Vietnam

Jo Jija

National Service Manager

"I have WSE blood in my veins! It has been so much part of my life over the last 13 years in fact, having moved to different locations to work for WSE means that it has been a directional force in my life. Moving your life to another country is always challenging but being part of something so familiar makes it so much easier and there is something quite fascinating about developing relationships with new people in a familiar context. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to take advantage of the life opportunities that belonging to a global organisation offers. One of the biggest pleasures that I take from what I do is being in the position to teach what I know about WSE. I love seeing people grow and develop and sharing the excitement that comes with achieving objectives. Something that captivated me about WSE right from the beginning was the fact that we take educational quality seriously but at the same time we are an objective driven business and neither one of these aspects should compromise the other, this makes the day to day just that bit more exciting. WSE opens doors to people who can and want to grow, I have always been given the trust to take advantage of new opportunities and I have personally been involved in hiring and developing literally 100s of Service Managers, teachers and service staff across 3 different WSE territories, simply an amazingly rich and satisfying experience!"

Joined WSE in the UK

Moved to Rome

Worked as a Teacher

Got promoted to Service Manager

Got promoted to Regional Service Manager

Got promoted to National Service Manager