The Role of Technology in English Learning

18 Mar 2019

$20 million technology investment helps build a product that benefits everyone

The digital revolution has transformed global society, with modern technology now an integral part of our day-to-day lives. It has altered how we communicate with one another and redefined the way we consume information. As such, it is unsurprising that the way we learn has changed forever.

With the rollout of exciting new network technologies including 5G, high-altitude broadcast balloons and the possibility of a global mesh of broadband-delivering satellites, the opportunity to learn will become a reality for ever-growing numbers of people around the world.

Better access to technology is proving valuable for English language learners. They are now better equipped to maintain regular independent study and see more value from their face-to-face classes with teachers and peers – all in all meaning they will be more likely to see their courses through to completion.

The ways and means of learning on offer from Wall Street English are constantly evolving. Technological innovation breaks down the barriers to learning language, be it through making self-study more efficient, adding value to time spent in class or simply through moving a language education within the reach of more people. By bringing the provision of service closer to the time and place of demand, technology is supporting learning success.

As well as aiming to boost learning outcomes, Wall Street English’s technology investment has contributed towards offering a ‘business-in-a-box’ to franchisees. With internal systems undergoing as rigorous and ambitious a development programme as the student-facing learning experience, new franchises can now be set up more quickly and smoothly than ever.

Michael Garcia, CTO, Wall Street English says, “We are always looking to develop and enhance our core product. Technology sits in the hands of all our students, teachers and staff worldwide, whether that’s delivering our learning courses through online channels or providing teachers with the right tools to manage their courses.”

Importantly, whilst technology forms a core part of Wall Street English’s offering, the value of interpersonal connections in English language learning is at the heart of the experience. Student and teacher feedback has reinforced that face time is incredibly valuable, with solely app-based models often experiencing higher dropout rates. One study saw completion rates at large online only courses fall as low as 13%. Wall Street English’s blended method of self-study and in-center learning helps to support and motivate learners to achieve their goals with English.

To find out more about how Wall Street English’s $20 million investment in technology has helped to build a product that benefits English learners, teachers and franchisees alike, download the full white paper now.