A Teacher’s Perspective

08 Oct 2018


Teachers at Wall Street English have a special role in a student’s learning process. Instead of being the old-fashioned type of teacher who is the ‘expert’ passing on knowledge to students who sit and listen passively, Wall Street English teachers are guides who offer help and advice as students actively acquire new language, guaranteeing and sharing in their success.

How does it work and what exactly do teachers at Wall Street English do? Read on to find out more.


Help Change People’s Lives

As a teacher at Wall Street English you have the great fortune of seeing how a student’s life changes thanks to learning English. There is a very wide range of students, all with different objectives and with different needs, and this is both challenging and fun for teachers. There are professional people who want to obtain a new position at work, students who need to get a certificate to continue their university studies, other people of all ages who want to be independent when travelling abroad, and some who simply want to widen their cultural knowledge.


The Teacher’s Part in the Learning Process

At Wall Street English, students follow a learning cycle that begins with acquiring new language through listening, production and practice which takes place in the Speaking Center. After this step, students meet one of a team of teachers and two or three other students in order to review and check their understanding of this new language. This lesson is called an Encounter and is a key moment because the teacher gives detailed feedback and specific advice on how to go forward. It’s also a very satisfying moment for students to demonstrate what they have learned.


As you can see, from a teacher’s perspective Wall Street English has a lot to offer. Why not visit your nearest center and see for yourself? If you want to find out more about studying English, click here. If you’re interested in teaching at Wall Street English, click here for more information.


Students at Wall Street English have the unusual advantage of having several different teachers during their course. This means having the opportunity to hear and get used to several different accents as well as learn about different cultures.


Having Fun

As well as encounters, teachers at Wall Street English do conversation classes and social club activities. These give students the chance to get extra practice at using practical everyday English, and are also a great way to socialise, share experiences, and make friends. These lessons are as good fun for teachers as they are for students! Social club activities include games, quizzes, and also events outside the center like eating out, trips to local museums, and English cinema nights.


Sharing Success

Teaching at Wall Street English is a very rewarding job because you can clearly see how much students improve in their ability and confidence to speak English. And when the students reach their objectives the teacher can share the incredible feeling of success at having been a part of that process.