Poland – a strong English training market ready for innovation

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In October, Wall Street English is heading to Eastern Europe, on its search to find a franchise partner who will expand our network of English language learning centers into Poland – an ELT market already worth almost $320 million.


The next Wall Street English roadshow event takes the team to Warsaw on October 3rd 2019. “We are looking for a Master Franchisee interested in opening up to 18 Wall Street English centers in Poland over the next 3-4 years. This is a great investment opportunity in a strong economy and industry, using our tried and tested operating model. The Polish market promises high demand and will deliver attractive returns with our concept” says Lex Baker, Director of New Business Development at Wall Street English. 


Why Poland?


This is an excellent time to enter into the Polish education industry. Business sentiment is positive, economic growth is strong, unemployment is low and confidence is high. 


Lex continues: “Right now, conditions are set for success in Poland and after extensive research, Wall Street English recognises this as a significant market opportunity. We’re looking for the right person or group to invest in the market. Someone who can make the most of our business model and bring innovative, personalised English courses to Polish adult learners.”


“Along with being the 8th largest economy in the Eurozone, Poland has the added attractiveness of large urban hubs, with 4 cities of more than 500,000 inhabitants and a bustling international capital in Warsaw with a population of 1.75 million. All of this means that Poland is ready for lift off in this sector”.


Wall Street English is prioritising opening new centers in Warsaw, but is also looking at the opportunities in other large cities such as Łódź, Katowice, Krakow, Poznan and Wroclaw, where more than half of Poland’s English learners are concentrated.


Lex explains further: “Center-based learning already accounts for around half of the $320 million private English language learning market in Poland. There is still plenty of potential for growth by an established global brand. In a recent survey (undertaken by Morar Consultancy in June 2018, for Wall Street English), 50% of Poles currently consider themselves to have either “no” or “basic” levels of English, while the same survey confirmed that an impressive 90% of respondents indicated a desire to learn English.”


In the broader marketplace, more than 25% of Poles are either currently learning or aspire to learn English – and nearly 60% would like to reach an advanced level. And why is there such a demand for English language learning? The same survey revealed that Polish citizens recognize that learning English can help their career prospects. 46% of respondents expected it would help them to find better jobs and 29% said that it would help their promotion prospects once they are in work.


So, if you’re looking for an attractive and profitable investment opportunity, a proven business model, offering a premium product to end-customers and finding success in a rewarding industry, then the Wall Street English team would like to meet you at our Warsaw roadshow on the morning of Thursday 3rd October. We will also be hosting a series of 1-2-1 meetings in the afternoon to answer further questions and talk about next steps. 


The team will be covering the following topics:


  • Why Wall Street English? How we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace
  • The English learning market in Poland
  • The Wall Street English development opportunity in Poland 
  • How to get started (investment & resources required, timeline)


For further details or to reserve your space at this event, please Book Your place below.

If you can’t attend  but you are interested in the project, please contact us on our Own a Franchise page.



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