Published 26/08/2019 Last Modified on 08/11/2019

Are you studying English and want to move from A2 to B1? Here you’ll find the rules and expressions you need to know in ord...

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Published 19/08/2019 Last Modified on 08/11/2019

This blog helps you to communicate better and to write emails in English. Writing formal emails in the right way requires cer...

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Published 05/08/2019 Last Modified on 08/11/2019

A modal verb is a verb that is used in combination with a normal verb. In English they are useful when making predictions and...

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Published 29/07/2019 Last Modified on 08/11/2019

A pronoun is a word that substitutes a noun. We use pronouns when the listener/reader knows who or what we’re referring to....

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Published 22/07/2019 Last Modified on 15/11/2019

Do you know that 'used to' can have two very different meanings? Read on to find out what these are and how to use them....

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Published 15/07/2019 Last Modified on 08/11/2019

When you compare one thing to many others in order to express an extreme, we use superlatives. Do you want to learn more? Rea...

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