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How Can I Be Sure That I’m Making Progress?

Published on: 01/06/2020 By
Last Modified on: 02/06/2020

Online English learning is easy and convenient, isn’t it? You enroll with your credit card, do a simple test, and off you go. You study when you feel like it, when you have time, and you stop when you’ve had enough. Easy!

But behind that there are some possible problems, which aren’t so easy. You’re spending money and time on this course – how do you know you’re not wasting money or time, or both? You have a goal or objective – how do you know that you’re going towards it, and when you’re going to reach it?

Basically, how do you know that you’re really learning to communicate in English, and that you can apply what you’re learning in the real world?

At Wall Street English our teams of educational experts have spent nearly 50 years perfecting the method. You can check your own progress at any time, while teachers and other learning experts are also checking that you’re learning. You progress at your own speed, and you get help and support whenever you need it. And you’re always applying your English skills in real-world situations – even when you’re studying online.

What is Our Proven Method?

So how does this work? Here are the main elements of the Wall Street English method that guarantee your progress: 

  • Learning by small steps: Our syllabus breaks down your long-term learning objective into lots of small steps, each with its own learning goals. Your Learning Goals dashboard shows you which goals you have achieved, and our learning experts check your progress at the same time. This means we can support you to really use each new bit of language before you move on to the next. 
  • Learning through objectivesWith these language learning objectives we can check whether you have learned the language, and also if you need more support. All the video- and workbook-based lessons are built around the same objectives, and you’ll also practice them ‘live’ in a class with your teacher. 
  • Testing by humans as well as computers: Of course, there are plenty of quizzes and tests in the online lessons to check what you’ve learned and that you’re ready to carry on. But this doesn’t always mean you can use the language you’ve learned in the real worldAt Wall Street English you’ll get the chance to practice the new language in class with a qualified teacherThe teacher makes sure you can use the language, and gives you help and support if you’re having difficulties. All of these teacher classes are also available online, and you can book them as soon as you’re ready. 
  • Progress by performance: This means you only move on from one unit or level to the next when you’re ready. In other words, when you can actually use the new language in real world situations – and you’ll get plenty of support to help you get thereThis goes for all the students in your class – which means that they’ll all be exactly at your level too. So no more wasting time waiting while others catch up with you. You can spend all the class time practicing the language you’ve just learned. And because the class has a maximum of four students, you’ll get lots of opportunity to speak and to get feedback from your teacher. 


You’re putting money and time into studying English, and you want results. You want to know that you’re really learning, and to see the progress that you’re making. And if you’re having problems or falling behind your goals, you want people, not just computers, to be there to help you to get back on track. 

At Wall Street English we’ve built our course around objective-led learning, with constant feedback to tell you how you’re doing and personalized support from language experts whenever you need it. You can be sure that you’ll quickly see the results of your efforts. In fact, we’re so confident that our method works, we even offer a money-back guarantee of success.


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