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English Learning Tips

Learning to Use the Past Simple in English

The past simple is one of the most used verb tenses in English. Once you know the past simple it’s much easier to have a conversation Find out more now.

English Vocabulary for Beginners

Start learning English with some basic vocab so you can understand simple conversations. Here is a list of English vocabulary for beginners to help you.

How Cool is your WhatsApp Status?

Do you want some ideas for writing a WhatsApp status in English? What does your WhatsApp status say now? Find out some cool English phrases in our blog.

Don’t Waste your Free Time – Learn English with Our Unique Method

Your free time is extremely valuable. How do we actually use this time, and how could we use it better? Read on to find out more about Time Well Spent.

Say Yes to Maximising your English Learning

Recent research has proven that we all have more than enough time to study and do much much more! Are you ready to say yes to maximising your time?

New Study Reveal 90% of People Feel They Could Make Better Use of Their Time

A new global study into how adults use their free time reveals that 65% of us waste an average of one full day (23.3 hours). Find out more on our blog.