Improve English Language Skills

10 Ways To Improve Your English Language Skills

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When we learn our native language, first we listen, then we speak, then we read and finally we write. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are the four language skills we need to develop for complete communication.

Listening and reading are receptive:  input, i.e. the exposure you have to authentic language in use. Speaking and writing are productive: output, i.e. the action of producing language as part of the process of second language learning.

To achieve these four basic language skills, you need to surround yourself with English: make English part of your life at home, at work, during your free time.

Read on to find tips that will help you overcome the difficulties you might be experiencing to improve your English skills.  

Expose yourself to the language as much as possible:

practice makes perfect, which means that if you want to improve a certain skill you have to practice it. As a beginner learner you will need to achieve all 4 language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Improve English Language Skills


It plays a very important part in learning any language. Effective listening ensures understanding and it helps improve accuracy when speaking , among other things. How can you improve your listening skills? By listening actively, i.e. paying attention not only on what is said, but also how it is said. So, listen:

1. To music –old or modern; the type you prefer, but pay attention to the lyrics. (sometimes reading the lyrics may help you understand the song)

2. To movies, TV shows, news, entertainments, the radio – try the classics. If you can watch DVD’s you can watch the movie several times. Watching with subtitles and then, when you feel more comfortable, without them. You can have English radio at home or on your mobile phone. Even if are not actually listening to it, your ears will be getting used to the sounds of the language.

3. Attend plays, exhibitions, talks, etc. in English organized by English speaking schools or communities.


It is often the hardest of the four language skills, but as soon as you can speak a little English there are lots of ways to improve quickly and have tons of fun.

4. Join voiced chats. Technology has advanced a lot in terms of social networks so, wherever you live, you’ll find a chat-room to join.
5. Talk and record yourself. This may sound funny, but it will help you realize how you can improve by repeating the recording several times till you feel happy with the results.
6. Talk to your classmates in English when you are not in class. You can even make a group to play games, have a meal or just chat together.


It is a process of the brain and it takes time to develop: your mind has to attach meaning to the words, phrases and expressions represented by symbols, plus get to understand the grammar and structure of the language used in the passage to read. If you develop strong reading skills, it’ll be very helpful to your future. You can read:

7. Books in English and articles on the web. Maybe, books you have already read in your mother tongue or which have been turned into movies. Try to start with easy books, even children’s books and comics: The images will help you understand even if you don’t know all the words
8. Switch the operating system of your mobile phone, your PC or tablet into English. Associating a function with a certain word, will improve your vocabulary.



Even though it may be intimidating to a lot of people, anyone can get used to writing with a little discipline and a willingness to learn.

9. Write down words or expressions you think useful with their meaning and examples. If you see them in sentences you will remember them better. You can use them if you keep a diary.
10. Write comments in English blogs. At present blogs are websites that resemble journals. Lots of people use them to expose their ideas on a certain topic or to explain things – from how to knit a scarf, to very complicated ones where technical or philosophical topics are dealt with. One common feature of all these blogs is that they are interactive: the readers can make comments or debate the ideas stated in the blog. Even if you are not a blog fan, you may find some that really encourage you to take part. So, just do it. You don’t need to be an expert to write a few sentences about what you think or feel about the content of the blog.

All the above mentioned tips can be reduced to just one: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!! Whatever learning style you have, whatever your native language is, the key to acquire and master a foreign language is PRACTICE it as much and as often as possible.


Why not practice your English language knowledge right now with our English Test?


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  • Oluniyi Olurankinse 21.03.18

    i find it difficult to speak good english speak in the public

    • parsa 25.09.18

      you can talk with your self in your home.and another way is paying attention to stress sylables

      • Anonymous 07.10.19


    • Mehrdad 05.10.18

      At first it may seen hArd but when you keep going on it seems easier tgan before. In speaking its verycritical that thinking in english. If you want to improve your thinking in english, buy a notebook and make a commitment to write about your ideas every night before sleeping.

      • tariq 17.10.18

        Its a great idea…ending up ur day with the thing ur are desperate to improve, will help you aloot…

      • Prema 28.03.19

        What kind of ideas? Do you have any suggestions?

    • Anonymous 10.01.19

      I agreed with all these tips and I hope I will speak English fluently

    • ayaan 21.01.19

      try watching movies in english just by listning to a language u can really learn a lot try speaking it with people in school or at home.

    • Deepak 18.08.19

      Just say (to your mind) that I’ve found it easy to learn English and you will……

    • Awwal Ibrahim Dansadau 06.09.19

      Practice makes perfect.
      Listen, speak, read and write.

    • Anonymous 15.09.19

      These tips are really great 😀 and I agree 🙂 Practice makes us perfect 😀

    • Ekta 03.11.19

      Dont worry about your level of english. Just try to be clear and confident and also, dont let your negative thoughts bother you.
      hone your craft

  • Oluniyi Olurankinse 21.03.18

    i want to improve my speaking ability

    • Mary Milne 21.03.18

      Hi Oluniyi,
      Thanks for your comment. Have you tried any of the tips in the article? With practice I’m sure you will improve. Try doing something to practice daily, even if it’s just for a few minutes, and see how you progress.
      All the best,
      The WSE Team

    • Anonymous 18.09.18

      Too difficult to listen what teachers are talking aabout

      • Mary Milne 03.10.18

        It can be hard to understand native people at the beginning, but I promise you that it does become easier the more you practice. It’s like everything – learning to play a sport or a musical instrument, or learning to use new equipment at work – it takes time, practice and patience. I strongly recommend you give it a try!
        All the best,
        The WSE Team

  • mohamed Alshekur Alrehman 22.03.18

    __really u give me good education that we can learning english language

    • Mary Milne 22.03.18

      Thanks for your comment Mohamed! Good luck with your studying!
      The WSE Team

  • Cho Cho Myint 12.04.18

    Great lesson and enjoy doing this!!!

  • laith 12.04.18

    hi mary .
    i just want to let you know , that you have really made my day with that amazing article ! . just great job , and keep it up .
    much love from jordan <3

  • Anonymous 12.04.18

    i find a little bit difficult to speak in public and i don’t know what should i do,

    • Mary Milne 15.04.18

      It’s absolutely normal to find it difficult at first. The best thing to do is to practice with guidance from a teacher. You need to practice using some set phrases so they become completely natural and automatic. Our multi-media lessons give you the chance to build confidence in speaking, and doing our group conversation lessons will really help you as well. So if you haven’t already started, I thoroughly recommend doing our course that is ideal for people who need to focus above all on speaking.
      All the best,
      The WSE Team

  • Maher Aqeel Ahmad 16.04.18

    Hi it is amazing. I wanna improve my language skills of English. I think this is right place to improve. Tips are wonderful I will try all these tips. Thanks ?

  • Bebe25 17.04.18

    Hi.. Everyone !
    I have a difficulty in oral communication skill andhmmm .. I’m not confident to speak in public bco’z I’m afraid the words of what I say ..bcoz grammar is so
    What should I do? And also I’m not good in written

    • Mary Milne 18.04.18

      The best way to build confidence in speaking, and also in grammar, is to practice in an environment where you feel comfortable and at ease. In our course, you learn through speaking and from the start you speak in front of other people. We’ve seen it’s a great method to enable students to feel confident enough to speak in English when they’re at work and/or travelling.
      In order to improve your writing you also need to practice frequently. At Wall Street English you do creative writing texts for each unit of your course, which gives you the chance to use the new grammar and vocabulary you’ve learnt.
      Good luck and let us know how you get on,
      The WSE Team

  • Jackylyn 29.04.18

    thank you for the tips.It could help me a lot to enchance my english acquisition.its really difficult to deal with this language but this tips can help.

  • Mashiane Collen (*)-8 03.05.18

    Deliberately i will like to recommend the skills from the article,indeed it incourage me massively

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    Essential tips an individual must have currently..

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    I am so thankful for all you wrote in the article and I am sure you have changed my mind.

  • Jita thakuria 05.06.18

    Thank you for the lesson. I will try it.

  • Anonymous 23.06.18

    The problem is I dont have anybody to speak English

    • Mary Milne 26.06.18

      You’re right that you need to practice speaking. Have you visited your nearest Wall Street English center recently? If not, check it out because it can give you the chance to practice speaking whenever you want. You can do regular conversation classes, social club activities, and above all lessons that are based on listening and speaking.
      All the best,
      The WSE Team

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  • sanjay 25.06.18

    nice article it will help the person like me who wants to improve the English language

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  • malya 06.07.18

    Your article is good Mary but I get difficulties on practices role 1 and 2 how can i removal shyness and be fun witin speaking

    • Syed Ahmed 12.02.19

      Pls guide how to improve our english

  • Anonymous 09.07.18

    The four skills to improve our english i.e listening,speaking,reading,and writing are so good.We should also try these skills to improve our english.

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    Very good,I’m try to improve.

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  • editha jastin 18.08.18

    ooh waooh am gratefull with your lesson . let the holysprit be with you in proceeding teaching us and encourage us…be blessed dear

  • editha jastin 18.08.18

    am gratefull with your lesson …be blesed

  • esraa 31.08.18

    thanks i hope this article helps me to prepare for my english exam

    • Mary Milne 03.09.18

      Hi Esraa,
      I hope they will help you too. Good luck with your exam!
      The WSE Team

  • Anonymous 02.09.18

    Thanks for the tips. I really feel awkward everytime I speak in english but I really want to improve.

    • Mary Milne 03.09.18

      I hope these tips help you. Keep trying and I’m sure you will improve and feel more confident.
      The WSE Team

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      You are welcome that is good

  • Anonymous 21.09.18

    It’s really hard to learn an English when you are alone practicing. I want a partner who is willing to help me to my English. I think that if you have a partner then your English will improve quickly.

    • Mary Milne 22.09.18

      I agree that it’s hard to practice alone and it’s much easier and motivating to practice with others. Sharing learning experiences is fun and you also learn a lot from others. We have lessons with small groups of 2 or 3 students, as well as social activities with 8-10 people. In this way you get the best of both options – individual attention as well as fun from meeting and practicing with several people. Where do you study at the moment?
      All the best,
      The WSE Team

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    everything here feeling nice and useful !

  • Anonymous 05.10.18

    As a 30-year-old adult who went to college in US (almost straight As in my humanities classes) and has lived in the US for more than a decade and communicate mostly in English, I have no problem living and working in English. In fact even the books I read for leisure are mostly in English as well. Still, I feel like a total foreigner/kid when I chat with native speakers, not understanding a good amount of their humor or the culture references. Also I feel that I lack mastery of sophisticated vocabularies even though I got above 80% in my GRE verbal a decade ago. For someone like me do you have suggestions for how to improve my English?
    P.s. I hope the suggestions do not include watching TV news or reading newspapers, which I have resolved to stay away from for as long as possible.

    • Sherlyn 17.01.19

      Yes , i am totally agree with you. I am also facing the same problem like you.
      Have no courage to read a book, cause always mind is busy with the leaning process. that we have to remove first, then only can find the joy of reading.

    • Anonymous 08.03.19

      I am in china I havn’t the condition so I learn lowerly whicch adevice you can give me ?

      • Luis 19.03.19

        I hope I can give you advice for this. This is so simple. Find comic books and study again and again. It will help you a lot. For speaking, find your partner and try to start talking in English. Don’t be shine when you speaking in English. Think easy words in first.

  • Manpreet Singh 17.10.18

    Hi there, my name is Manpreet Singh Dhammu. I think your suggestion to learn a Foreign language would help me to make my skills better. I practice regularly to learn the English language so that I can understand this language easily. Lastly, thank you so much for suggesting some tips to improve another language.

  • Manpreet Singh 17.10.18

    Hi there, my name is Manpreet Singh Dhammu. I think your suggestion to learn a Foreign language would help me to make my skills better. I practice regularly to learn the English language so that I can understand this language easily. Lastly, thank you so much for suggesting some tips to improve another language.

  • Anonymous 20.10.18

    Thanks for your tips for the development of foreign language speaking skills. This will help to speaker to speak English fluently. English is a international language. Wherever we go anyhow we shall have to speak English. English is very very essential for us so the tips are very very helpful to all of us.

  • Anonymous 29.10.18

    I want to improve my communication skills specially on my english language. y

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    I am a Business Studies graduate, who cannot speak English very well. And will like to improve on that.

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    I think these are very usefull and efficency tips.

  • Anonymous 23.01.19

    i find difficult to listen what teachers are talking about

  • english leərner 10.02.19

    my reading skill is okay, writing is nice, listening is not bad and speaking is bad.
    speaking < listening < writing < reading

  • Roberto Boasso 11.02.19

    Awesome post!

  • justlearn 14.02.19

    Great tips to improve my English level. I have learned the language from school in Denmark. It takes time to sound like a native speaker.

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    I enjoyed reading this article. It really helps me to think on planning new techniques to make my English language skills better. Thank you

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    • Mary Milne 07.07.19

      Thanks Bettina. I hope you enjoy our other articles too.
      All the best,
      The WSE Team

  • TARA 11.07.19

    Good and practical post..Hopefully some works for one and not for another..But definitely can be given a trial.

    • Mary Milne 12.07.19

      Hi Tara,
      I hope you’re giving the tips a try. Let us know how you get on.
      All the best,
      The WSE Team

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    Hi , thanks for your unique method , please think about me and the same students. I got familiar to Wall street in Turkey and I signed a 6 months contract and I got benefited very much . I had to came back to Iran but we don’t have any center here and I wonder what to do . No one in my surrounding speak English and I fear to forget what I have learned . please help me . Tips were very useful thanks very much . please let my to know someone who wants to speak English with a partner .

  • abdul wahab 07.11.19

    i am not be to express my ideas as frequently as i can express in my mother language. secondly know well about spell but after that i also do mistake.

    • Mary Milne 08.11.19

      Hi Abdul,
      It’s natural to find you can’t express yourself in a second language as well as you do in your native language. But with practice you can certainly improve. Are you doing an English course at the moment to have the chance to practice?
      All the best,
      The WSE Team

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